Tweets On A Sunday Receive On An Average 0.168 Re-Tweets, Highest Compared To Weekdays! Twitter Inc. (TWTR) Users Tweet More On Weekdays! [STUDY]

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Active tweeting users of the micro-blogging site Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR) often compose smart and cheeky messages, self-explanatory within 140 char to express themselves and attract other tweeps to re-tweet the same. Brand advertisers, attention seeking twitter users, celebrities and other folks who expect their tweets to go viral must follow certain norms and methods to gain more virality for their tweets.

Track Maven, a leading competitive analysis provider for digital marketers, conducted analysis across 1,423 Twitter accounts, 1.7 million tweets, limited accounts with over 1,000 followers and normalized re-tweets per 1,000 followers – to generalize the details pertaining to tweeting habits of users. A few interesting findings from the report are summarized below.

Majority Of Tweets Are Sent Out On Weekdays Rather Than Weekends! More Re-Tweets Were Featured On Sundays!

Majority of tweets are sent out during the weekdays and frequency drops towards the weekend. If we analyze the graph below, the tweeting rate was higher on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and it gradually dropped towards the weekend. Thursday shows a slightly higher percentage of tweets at 17.4% closely followed by Tuesday and Wednesday both with 17.2% tweets’ frequency.tweet frequency by day of the week

Twitter is mainly an information network, people love keeping themselves updated with the latest news trends by chipping into the micro-blogging site for a few minutes and quickly gasp through 140 char news tweets. Twitter, because of its wild-fire nature and better acquaintance on the mobile platform has persuaded many teens and users to adopt the micro-blogging site for social networking. Professionals generally sneak into their mobile twitter app and share their day-to-day experience in the form of a tweet, as logging into Facebook and typing huge status updates is a tedious job compared to a 140 char tweet.

Another graph below which analyzes re-tweets, by days of the week, implies that most of the re-tweets happen on Sundays. During weekdays, frequency of re-tweets is marginally less. People are busy during weekdays and they visit the social networking site just for short span of time to express themselves and hardly bother to dig deep down to read through all the exciting tweets and re-tweet them. Only weekends, when people are generally free from their daily work, re-tweeting is a more visible activity. Tweets on Sunday receive on an average 0.168 re-tweets.

retweets by day of the week

Frequency Of Tweets During Mid-Day (12-1pm) Accounts For 8.01% Of All Tweets! Re-Tweet Rate Spikes Up During Late Evening Television Hours!

Around 80% of Twitter users belong to a younger generation in the age group of 10-30. Most of the them belong to the student or the working class and prefer sneaking in mid-day intervals and post tweets. Peak frequency of tweets is observed during the work day with the highest rate between 12-1 pm, accounting for 8.01% of all tweets sent out during the day.

tweet frequency by time of day

The re-tweet feature was highest during late evening between 9 pm-12 am, when a majority of folks follow the micro-blogging site to keep themselves updated with latest discussions pertaining to their favorite TV shows. Twitter has established a firm foot by dominating mainstay television discussions, people often keep themselves logged on to the 140 char site for hearing updates or create random discussions, predictions goofing around the upcoming TV show. DVR mode for live events is yet another move which has created greater amount of buzz amongst users.

retweet by time of day

The above stats is vital for any brand or media firms looking for a wider outreach to their tweets. Brand advertisers or the marketing team must analyze the above results in detail and post tweets accordingly to gain wider attention or re-tweets. Twitter is the most viral social networking site and can be used effectively to wide-spread the message if used properly.

Consumer brands must market their weekend campaigns or special weekend deals & offers heavily through Twitter as the re-tweet rate is highest on Sundays. People often tweet/re-tweet if they are happy with the shopping deals or offers provided by retailers. People also widely use Twitter for placing queries and complaints, brand account managers must be active 24/7 on the micro-blogging site as more than 53% of customers expect a response within an hour.

Source :-  Track Maven


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