Nearly 92% Of Recruiters Use Or Plan To Use Social Media For Recruitment! Job Seekers Must Revise Their Profiles To Grab The Recruiter’s Attention! [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Social media networks like Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB), Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR) and LinkedIn Corp. (NYSE:LNKD) are widely used by recruiters these days for hiring purposes. Social media profiles or networking activities of candidates is much more revealing about candidature, than a resume/CV filled with only positive aspects of the candidate. Job seekers or students looking out for admissions must keep their social media presence more professional and attractive for recruiters. Profile settings must be changed to disable viewing of certain posts or photos by non-friends group. It is vital for college graduates seeking jobs or admissions for higher education to revise their social networking profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and provide a better look and feel by hiding the nonsensical things from recruiters.

An infographic from Bryant & Stratton College summarizes various DO’s and DON’Ts for job seekers and college students. A few important points listed below are :

  • Close to 92% of recruiters use or plan to begin using social networks/social media for recruiting, around 86% of recruiters are likely to look at social media profiles of candidates.
  • Nearly 37% of employers use Facebook to pre-screen applicants, and about 26% have already hired through Facebook. About 89% of recruiters have made a hire through LinkedIn, and 15% via Twitter.
  • About 73% (an increase of 15% from 2010-2012) of recruiters have successfully hired a candidate who was identified or introduced through social media.
  • But there are a few disadvantages of providing social media references to employers. About 66% of employers were hardly impressed due to posts or tweets of a sexual nature.
  • Close to 54% of recruiters had a negative impact about candidature due to poor spelling, grammar and error in posts or tweets made. About 78% references to illegal drugs made a negative impression.
  • Nearly 47% of recruiters were forced to reject candidates due to pictures of alcohol consumption on social media profiles of candidates.
  • Social media users, especially the ones who are looking for job or admission in some college should have a professional looking photograph as their profile picture.
  • Students and job seekers must change their profile settings to limit the audiences who can view their posts and photos. Users must think before sharing or tweeting any news update on social networking sites.
  • Establishing professional presence on LinkedIn and joining relevant groups and interacting is vital to provide better impression to recruiters.


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