Marketing Tactics Versus Effectiveness On Facebook Inc. (FB): 69% Find Handling Customers’ Queries Most Effective [REPORT]

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Marketers across the globe are adopting various innovative tactics to attract customers and drive sales. It is important for brand marketers to drive quality audience who are likely to engage and drive business for their firms. Nearly 38% of the U.S., Facebook and 43% of Twitter marketers, were more concerned with the quality of audience members added via social efforts than with the number of followers gained. Both Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) and Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR) are known to drive potential customers to a brand’s website. It is important to periodically review the various marketing tactics and adopt those which are most effective.

Brand Awareness Was The Most Up Voted Business Objective Followed By Driving Website Traffic and Improving Customer Retention Rate!

According to a study by ExactTarget, more than 77% of Facebook and 70% of Twitter marketers up-voted brand awareness as the prime social media marketing objective. 55% of Facebook and 58% of Twitter marketers upheld driving website traffic as their main motto, followed by customer insight/improving retention rate was supported by 44% of Facebook and 28% of Twitter marketers. Providing service support was the least prioritized choice by 22% of Facebook and Twitter marketers respectively.

leading social media marketing objectives fb vs twtr

Brand Awareness is indeed the first step towards establishing a successful firm, both Twitter and Facebook brands are eager to create brand awareness amongst the online web users so that the initial required buzz is created to kick-start the sales process. On an average a Facebook user likes at least 80 brand pages, and has 130 friends on an average, hence the publicity gained when a user shares brand related posts is huge as well as viral. Brands should opt for ad campaigns which can drive impressions to create awareness amongst the public.

Social media can drive 58% more outreach than any other advertising method. Driving website traffic was the next important objective of marketers. Referral traffic through Facebook and Twitter accounts for more than 10% of the overall traffic to websites. Hence, active engagement of brands on the social media platform is decisive because it brings potential customers who are likely to drive sales. Social ads are known to direct high quality users to a brands’ website.

It is vital for a firm to increase sales with the existing customer base, more than 87% of advertisers follow various CRO tactics to drive sales as investing on ad campaigns from time to time is not very economical. Marketers should focus on embedding the content with rich media sources and marketing them effectively across various social media platforms. Brands should optimize their websites for mobile devices as social media referral rate is very significant. Facebook recently saw a spike of  253% in mobile referral rate to websites.

Loyalty programs must be offered as more than 84% of folks world-wide prefer shopping with retailers offering loyalty programs. Brands must use Facebook’s custom audience feature to re-target their existing customer base. Driving sales was voted as the 5th most vital factor for marketers, although, the rate of sales is a direct indicator of the firm’s revenue figure or profit, the initial tasks mentioned above for revamping the brand name are more important to promote long-term sustenance in market.

Even though providing service and support comes at a later part, it is the most important factor and must be given more weight-age. Customer satisfaction is the most important factor which can convert first time customers into repeat customers. Quick responses must be given to queries and service must be provided in the post-purchase period to promote the loyalty factor amongst consumers towards the brand. Feedback from customers must be analyzed well to improve customer service, 24/7 monitoring of brand pages on various social media sites is required as most of the discussions/queries/complaints related to brands happens on social media sites.

Marketing Tactics Opted  And Its Effectiveness – By Facebook Marketers

Although marketers adopt various social media marketing tactics but very few of them prove to be effective.  More than 76% and 70% of marketers included the Facebook like button on their website/blog and marketing emails/news letters respectively. But a mere 46% found the former tactic as effective and 40% claimed the latter one as rewarding. Low effectiveness could be attributed to the fact that people hate extra clutter on a web page, to execute the like plugin available on a website visitors have to be logged on to their respective Facebook accounts, which might seem like an extra muscle to be exercised, for some of the users, resulting in drop in the rate of effectiveness.

Organic growth through regular posts for sharing information and as a source of entertainment was supported by 58% of marketers and about 67% claimed it was effective. Brand fans usually engage with the social media brand page whenever a notification pops up regarding an update in a new post or article, people love reading the content posted on their favorite social media brand pages provided it is informative and entertaining as well and not mere self-publicizing content. Brand marketers should design content with imperceptible brand related messages embedded within. Infographic, SlideShare, images and videos must be included within the article to make it more engaging for brand followers.

use vs effiectiveness of tactics

E-mails specifically asking users to connect on Facebook was opted by 57% of users but hardly 41% claimed it was effective. There is already enough junk available on a user’s Facebook NewsFeed and they wouldn’t want further garbage to creep into their feeds and disrupt their browsing experience. If brand fans really want to be updated about their favorite brands, they would voluntarily connect with brand pages on Facebook, as the recently introduced verification mark has made it even more easier  for fans to avoid engaging with fake brand pages.

Nearly 39% of marketers adopted – gifts in the form of products or prizes (for likes) – 70% of them consider this tactic as an effective one because a majority of users who engage with brands do expect freebies or giveaways, or benefits in any form like discount offers or coupons. This method can be used to create an initial buzz amongst consumers if the brand is new in the market or to accelerate the sales if performance has dropped in a significant duration of time.

Only 27% of marketers on Twitter and 34% on Facebook said they publicly answered customer service questions on the social platforms, yet 60% and 69% of respondents, respectively, reported this as effective. When customer queries are addressed publicly it creates better impressions as the post is viewed by a majority of social media customer base of brands.

Marketers should make sure that social media brand pages are monitored at all times, all through the year, to mitigate all the customer queries without much delay as customers are priced possessions of any brands and that reflects its growth rate. Offering FAQs and how-tos also had low usage rates among marketers, but at least 50% of respondents from each group claimed it as an effective tactic.

via eMarketer (survey conducted – August 2013)


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