Do you think large screen tablets have got a market in the future? At least, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) thinks so. Fresh rumours have claimed that Apple is testing five different models of the iPad sporting a 12.9-inch display, featuring 2K and 4K screen resolutions.

A Chinese publications PadAir claims Foxconn, a prime manufacturing partner for Apple’s products, has built five variants of the iPad, one out of which could debut in 2014. Citing people familiar with the matter, PadAir went on quoting that Apple could launch a 2K variant of a larger display iPad in April, followed by an upgraded 4K variant in October as per the regular upgrade cycle of the iPad.

Apple ipad 12 inch

It’s interesting to recall that Apple is reportedly planning to introduce a bigger screen iPhone 6 somewhere in the month of April-May next year and one can’t rule out the possibilities that a larger screen iPad along with a bigger screen iPhone will also be arriving.

This is not the first time that big screen iPad rumours have surfaced. Earlier reports from the WSJ and Korean Times had claimed that Apple was already in advanced stages of testing either an eleven-inches or even a bigger size display for the iPad.

Is Apple Getting It Right ?

Fresh rumours about the big screen iPad have triggered a debate over Apple’s understanding of the tablet market. Market reports have claimed smaller screen tablets, sporting 7-inch to 8-inch display will dominate the global tablet market in the next few years.

Market research leader IDC has estimated that 7-inch to 8-inch screen tablets will control nearly 60% of tablet market in 2013, and the figure is bound to grow. According to another report from NPD Display Search, by 2017 tablets sporting  12-inch screens or more will hold a negligible market compared to the 10-inch to 10.4-inch estimated to control nearly 18% of the total tablet market.

Industry analysts are hesitant about the success of these giant screen tablets, if ever Apple decides to introduce the iPad sporting 11.5-inch bigger display, it would setup an immediate contest with an 11.3-inch MacBook Air.

In any case, Apple is desperate to accelerate its growth in the tablet market and constantly declining market share is one of the biggest challenges the iPad maker has been facing for the last few quarters.

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