83% Of Teens Refer At Least One Social Media Site Before Purchasing Any Product! [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Social media and mobile devices are an inseparable part of human life and are largely affecting their day-to-day activities. The increasing usage of mobile devices and social media has been a game changer when it comes to the  manner in which people shop for their favorite products. The landscape of shopping is shifting to Smartphones and tablets at a faster rate due to the large comfort screens of mobile devices, a number of brands are opting for mobile optimized websites and are increasing the adoption of social media by brands (as users spend maximum time on social media). Most of the brands across the world have opted for mobile first strategy due to an increase in usage of Smartphones and a shift in the user base of social media sites to the mobile platform. Social media sites like Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB), Pinterest, Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR) drive significant amount of referral rate to shopping sites.

An infographic from CMS Wire presents some interesting statistics on how mobile devices (Smartphones and tablets) and social media have revolutionized the landscape of consumer’s shopping behavior.

  • Nearly 68% of Smartphone owners plan to use their devices for holiday shopping. The screen size of  latest Smartphones are well within the comfort range of shoppers who browse through products  and shop online.
  • About 59% of consumers are more likely to shop at a store offering the ability to self-checkout on a mobile device. Hence, it is vital for an online store and brand to adopt mobile first strategy and design a mobile optimized website.
  • Close to 83% of folks in the age group of 18-24 years say they consult at least one social media platform before purchasing in at least one fashion category. Brand pages must avail various attractive deals and discounts or gift coupons for social media followers to increase conversions.
  • About 81% of people say that posts by their friends on social media influence their purchases. It is vital for firms to moderate their brand pages continuously on social media platforms and answer to customer queries at the earliest, else the negative vibes generated by the frustrated customers might influence other brand followers and deteriorate the brand image.
  • 30% of frequent online shoppers purchasing online more than twice per week, use Pinterest to discover new products. Pinterest has introduced numerous features like related pins, holiday gifts feed and holiday gift guide which is likely to attract shopaholics to use the website to plan their shopping schedule.
  • Nearly 78% of consumers say that the posts made by companies on social media influence their purchases. It is vital from brands to post content which is informative, entertaining and cleverly mixed with the brand’s message. Usage of rich media content, infographic and catchy taglines is likely to engage more consumers.

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