LinkedIn Intro And Redesigned iPad Feature For An Enhanced User Experience! LinkedIn Corp (LNKD) Finally Opts For ‘Mobile First’ Strategy [NEWS]

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Micro-blogging website Twitter’s Mobile First strategy was soon followed by social media giant Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) and now, the world’s largest professional network LinkedIn Corp (NYSE:LNKD) seems to be treading the same path. With a growing demand for small and medium screen mobile devices, a majority of  website especially social media sites are trying their best to fit into the miniature devices and provide their users a similar experience that they are used to, on a Desktop. With over 200 million users and growing, LinkedIn is experimenting with its technology for its the Tablet and Mobile user base. LinkedIn Intro and Improvised iPad features are two of the latest inclusions to the world’s largest professional website.

LinkedIn Intro Redefines The Mailing Experience For Users

In response to the fast growing LinkedIn mobile user base, the company has responded pretty well by launching LinkedIn Intro.  It enhances the user experience with regards to the mailing system on LinkedIn. The technology from Rapportive, an email company acquired by LinkedIn, about a year ago, has been combined with other LinkedIn’s features to improvise user experience on the iPhone via Apple Mail. The difference between the former system and the newly introduced LinkedIn Intro are depicted below.

linkedIn intro vs old system

A flood of mails from people on the LinkedIn network often confuses users and they don’t know what is spam mail and which is genuine mail! LinkedIn Intro provides users with details about the sender and establishes a strong mutual connection with the mailing system itself. The picture below with depicting this feature, shows a separate bar/Intro panel which displays profile picture of senders along with a dropdown arrow mark which upon tapping, displays a summary about the sender like – Education, Job title and other related details.

Intro feature for LinkedIn

This adds to the rich interactive experience for users and helps them in easily identifying spam mails from the rest, thereby expanding their network. Currently Intro is available to a worldwide user base in English and can be downloaded here. This feature will definitely enrich the user-experience to a large extent and contribute to the mutual trust factor, amongst users.

Power Breaking Features Added To LinkedIn For iPad

With more than 170 Million iPad users across the world, LinkedIn felt the need to enhance the user experience on the iPad, as a result of which they have brought in a couple of new attractive features. The LinkedIn iPad App contains a brand new sparkling visual design in addition to new features like job search, channels and influencers, which appear highlighted on the tablet.

If we look at the image below, the entire main feed section is redesigned to provide a better experience. To promote easy development of network for  a LinkedIn user, a person has to now simply tap on an icon next to a particular user’s profile or just swipe to the right and get connected. ‘Like’,’Share’,’Follow’,’Join’ options are available right on the top interface, making the experience smoother for its users. To view rich media content like images and videos, a user has to simply tap on an image to expand it. Also, the video can be played without having to leave the feed.

new iPad-App-Homepage LinkedIn

Keeping in mind, the diverse needs of users, LinkedIn developers have introduced new features to enhance the navigation experience too. LinkedIn is well-known as a convergence medium as a knowledge-rich platform with its Influencer’s Program and channel content, both of which are included in latest iPad app. The jobs section has also been added to assist job seekers by providing information regarding various vacancies across different profiles in corporate firms and start-ups.

With a growing demand for smartphone and tablets, LinkedIn and many other social media sites are working hard to carve out a niche for themselves for the small and medium screen devices. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have all fared well up to a certain extent when it comes to the mobile experience and are still striving hard to improvise themselves further.

Courtesy : LinkedIn Blog


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