NASSCOM Product Conclave 2013: Make Yourself Recession Proof !!

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When Recession hits (and you never know until it does), lot of laid off professionals scurry to make lives stable again. And as seen, the obvious alternatives to panicking are either of these:

  • Learn new skills and change your profiles,
  • Shift abroad and seek fresh opportunities,
  • Start your own venture.

And the NASSCOM Product Conclave 2013 helps you prepare for all these. Let’s see how.

Learn and Grow:

All businesses need to justify one goal; always; their Return On Investment. While in most cases, the product guys are key to every successful project, unless they adapt to the mind-set of the consumer/client, it’s hard to sell the built advantage. The “Sales for Engineers” session focuses on guiding the geeks to start wearing the hat of a salesman and help better the process to achieve the ROI expected. And then you become an asset and life would be much easier.

Fly Abroad:

When the thought of moving to a rather safe destination seeps in, it’s best to know which industries are doing good in which geography and where there the stakes are higher. While the “Global Investment Trends” session would give a deep understanding on where there is money to make, the “Why Smart People Get Stuck” session is the comprehensive cheat-sheet to making your growth easy. And for those who are already pursuing analytics, the “Big Opportunities in Big Data” session will be your life saver.


Be Your Boss:

As we all know, NASSCOM has been encouraging entrepreneurs through various initiatives like 10,000 Startups, the recently launched co-working space Startup Warehouse in partnership with the Karnataka Government and their past nine NASSCOM Product Conclaves. Every time, they have brought in the best of the breed to talk about how they tricked the challenges and made it big. This year too, there is quite some focus on making the process of starting your own business a lot less complicated. Starting with “A Pre-nup for your startup: The Founder’s agreement” to keep the probable scrambles between co-owners at bay, to “Winning Pitches for Accelerator Programs” for those who understand the importance of hand-holding and mentoring to succeed, the sessions at the NASSCOM Product Conclave 2013 are packed with just what you need.

Grab The Bonus:

The networking sessions, the mock pitching sessions, the presence of international investors who would give you a comparative analysis on your idea’s scope in various geographies, the insights into various ways you can manage your project and help the consumer/client execute a hassle-free payment and some fun trivia about the global startup scenario, are all advantages that come along. And the icing on the cake is even more interesting. The Truth or Dare you could play with the seasoned entrepreneurs, where you get to unravel their well-kept secrets and if they fail to convince you, you get to make them dance to your tunes. Ain’t that an awesome package!?

Rush to Register and punch the Recession in it’s face !!!


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