In last couple of years, Digital marketing has completely dominated over traditional marketing method. World of Digital marketing, however, is fluctuating at faster rate and marketers are finding it tough to prioritize any particular marketing methodology as idealistic. Fast changing trends in choices of customers, new marketing techniques is making job tougher for marketers.
A survey of US marketers from Adobe found that identifying the most important marketing issues, coming over the horizon, was a significant challenge for many of these professionals. There was no clear output derived among respondents about which marketing area would help them in driving higher ROI in next 3 years. About 13% of them claimed social media marketing to be effective measure while about 12% felt personalization and targeting should be marketers’ main focus. Similar figures were observed – between 10-13% of respondents named digital advertising and cross-channel marketing as better alternative.
Marketing Channels in US 2013
Events and PR were supported by less than 5% of marketers. In spite of huge success of a public campaigns launched by world’s 3rd best brand, Coco Cola, very few marketers were found in favor of event as effective marketing method. Many marketers sais that adoption of particular method varies with type of products and target audience and one must analyze the response and feedback from customers and decide which method to adopt.
Marketers also had differed opinion on whether they were well equipped to handle all of increasingly disparate tasks. Seven out of ten marketers were confident when it came to brand building, 62% of them supported content writing as their comfort area. On the other side marketers were least confident about personalization and targeting, as well as E-commerce.
Now-a-days marketers are unable to analyze/predict approximate ROI from each of marketing techniques applied on various channels due to fast changing trend in digital marketing world. As a result, they fail to meet the client’s expectations from marketing campaigns. Less than half of surveyed marketers were found confident about digital marketing strategy that actually worked and was successful in delivering good returns.
The practice of marketing remains firmly entrenched in a state of flux. 76% of those polled said marketing had changed more in the past two years than it had in the previous 50 years. And this state of constant change shows no sign of improvement or isn’t getting stabilized to any final state. Having said that, marketers will continue to experiment by various methods and analyze returns at every stage so that the succeeding strategy could deliver better ROI than previous one. They believe that marketing strategy based on type of products would be more favored. E-commerce firms would look for more of digital ads in various social media sites, Food brands would invest more on public events to drive their sales. Eventually, marketers believe that every marketing strategy implemented must be analyzed to improve the results.
Source: eMarketer
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