An Exploding 1357% Increase In Demand for Social Media Jobs Since 2010 [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Long gone are the days when an individual from a firm would manage his spare time on social media for online publicity and marketing of online brands. It’s growing like wildfire when it comes to online branding and marketing for both small and big firms. Every organization needs social media managers, marketers, consultants, and other specialists to make sure the company is active enough on daily basis for posting updates and answering the queries of its followers. It has become inevitable to have an online presence on various social media platforms, as it is the main centre for publicity and branding.

LinkedIn Has High Demand For Social Media Positions

According to the latest infographic titled “Rise of The Social Professionals” from Offerpop, many firms are now hiring social media professionals with each passing year. The key highlights of the infographic are mentioned below:

  • From 2010 through Q2 2013, the number of social media jobs posted on LinkedIn increased dramatically by 1,357%, as shown in the infographic below from Offerpop.
  • The top 5 social media roles, based on the number of members using the title on LinkedIn were social media manager (21,106), social media marketing (11,862), social media coordinator (6,825), social media specialist (6,709), social media consultant (6,051).
  • Online brands of developed countries are well acquainted with the importance of social media marketing. Online brands of New York, San Francisco, and London are among the ones offering social media roles.
  • The entry-level social media jobs on LinkedIn make up about 36%, while the senior-level positions are close to 42%. With growing awareness of the importance of social media for brands, social media roles are expected to be on rising in the future.
Social Media Jobs in Companies


If you’re seeking employment with a social media company, then it is high time to brush up your marketing skills, keep your profile up to date and apply for jobs on LinkedIn or any other social platforms such as Facebook, or Twitter. The demand for social media jobs, particularly for marketing and advertising, is on the rise and will remain so in the near future. It’s interesting to note that more than 5 million professionals have LinkedIn endorsements for their social media expertise.


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