Online Shoppers In ASIA Are Most Dissatisfied Across The Globe [STUDY]

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Asia sits at the top by number of Internet connections though, users’ experience and satisfaction level lags much behind than other countries that have relatively lower number of Internet users; And that too when half of 650 million internet users in ASIA are under the age of 35 years and known for aggressive adoption of new technologies and are the main drivers of e-commerce growth in the region.

A recent study, done by ComScore and UPS, states that only half of online shoppers in ASIA tag themselves as satisfied compare to 83% in the U.S. and 78% in Europe. Such lowest ranking is mainly due to choose delivery schedule, to collect purchased goods at convenient location and upsetting exchange or return policies.

Mobile Devices Most Favorite Among Online Shoppers In ASIA

Online shoppers in ASIA are also much exposed to mobile devices likes of Tablet and Smartphone. Nearly 8 out of 10 online shoppers in ASIA prefer to access multi-channel retailers through mobile devices. Thanks to local players such as Micromax and TCL, who have made Smartphone and Tablet cheaper to adopt, resulting in fastest penetration of mobile Internet than ever before.

The study, based upon survey findings on 4,000 respondents, also highlights the usage of devices by consumers during online shopping. Nearly 70% of Asian online shoppers used a smartphone to make a purchase while nearly 80% preferred Tablet.

“Mobile strategy has become a cornerstone for retailers with the growing popularity of an integrated online shopping experience. Through our survey, it is clear there is room for retailers to improve their services. By differentiating themselves with consumer-driven supply chain strategies, they can drive customer loyalty and expand globally.” said Michael Mclary, UPS director of Enterprise Segmentation and Product Strategy for the Asia Pacific region.

Mobile devices are also most preferred tool to track post-sales activities as 65% of online shoppers in ASIA prefer sms or email alert. While SMS is the native feature of a mobile phone, email-on-mobile is one the first feature generally adopted by mobile Internet users.

The overall study is based upon the survey conducted by comScore and Ups jointly over 4,000 online shoppers in Australia, China, Hong Kong and Singapore.


Source: UPS


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