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Consumers Who Receive Marketing Emails Spend 83% More [INFOGRAPHIC]

Since the evolution of social media, email marketing has taken the back seat while driving marketing campaigns for a company. Undoubtedly, people are spend much more time on social media than email in comparison, but emails are still the most effective online marketing channels; according to below infographic, designed from the findings of multiple sources, consumers who receive regular marketing emails are tend to spend 83% more when shopping. But that’s not all from email marketing; orders from such consumers are usually 44% larger and their buying frequency is 28% higher than those who doesn’t receive promotional emails regularly.

Email marketing is 20x more effective though, it’s equally cost-effective and traceable and could be designed to link directly with ROI.

However, setting up email marketing campaigns could be a tricky business affair as poorly designed and unplanned emails could not only damage your brand positioning among receiver but also carriers higher chances to lose potential future customers. So what are the best tactics to ensure the success of your email marketing? The below infographic, from sikich, has got 10 simple but effective ways to improve your email open rates. Besides, as a bonus, here are few more very crucial deployment techniques that ensure email receivers click on an embedded link to your promoted services/product:

  • 55% of marketing executives in US have found that by embedding video content click-through rate surges up.
  • Monday and Friday are the best days to execute your email marketing campaigns; highest 17% email open rate is found on stated days compare to other weekdays.
  • Second session of the day is considered as the best time to send marketing emails as highest 18.20% open rate is recorded during these hours.
  • Content relevancy is the most crucial aspect of any email campaign. The highest 77% receivers voted for relevant and compelling content as the mantra of e-marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing: 10 Ways To Success

By Aarzu Khan

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