Back To School Shopping: 75% of Parents Believe E-Retailers Should Be More Than Ready [STUDY]

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Do we need an introduction about the E- commerce industry? It should be a real surprise if you are reading this post but have never bought a product online. People initially discussed some goods cannot make their way on the e-commerce and needs a hand on it before you reach your wallet but many out of very community have started selling and buying many absurd things you have never even thought about. Well the industry is growing, growing with speed, growing with choice and variety. It is taking multinationals to remote corners and rural handmade products to glistening urban office spaces. A mobile and cloud app testing company, SOASTA,  has conducted a survey among households with kids  in the united stated to find out  what they actually think about e-shopping, especially using their mobile devices.

Traditional styled shopping was once a happy experience where u don’t actually mind shelling out bucks, but the experience has turned out to be a burden to most parents who value time equal to money. Besides, the pleasure and comfortable are always a point of concerns for them.

Considering the explosive growth of mobile devices, 75% parents having a child at home believe that retailers must have mobile site ready for back to school. 80% of respondents own Smartphone or Tablet though, 43% use personal computers, followed by 42% using laptops, smartphones (32%) and Tablets (27%) for back to school shopping.

This above graph indicates what percentage of the respondents think on various advantages of shopping online.

“Our research shows that retailers need to invest in their websites and mobile apps as more shoppers turn to the convenience and stress-free experience of shopping online,” said Tom Lounibos, SOASTA CEO.

This survey also lays more stress on E- retailers not focusing on seasonal business. When kids get back to school from the vacations there is a hell  lot a list from uniforms, bags, stationary, sportswear, musical equipment’s and what not . And more over when we have kids along selecting according to their preference and color, it really becomes tedious. However, the whole experience transforms into a pleasure activity when same thing translates to online and we have a variety of options and deals. We can simply hand over the Pc to kid for selecting and finally make the payment. If we try to focus more diverse market like India where we have yearlong action with Festive seasons, marriage seasons of various cultures and regions E retailers can make good fortune. The survey has also given the top shopping list of parents who shop online

Books are purchased most because we can avoid the hassle of carrying, identifying the right author, edition etc. Stationary items have also been on the top of the list because online we get some awesome designs, which children like showing off. It is usually among children to get fancy with their super heroes on clothes, bags, and other stuff and finding the right stuff becomes very difficult for their parents. E commerce is becoming a solution to many complicated tastes, fits and designs.

49% of the parents have said they use their computer to shop back to school supplies while 33% use their smartphones and tablets. Still there are 35% of parents who go out shopping physically in the store; This figure also accounts to emergency requirements because shipping, pegged to online shopping, takes some time.  We should not be surprised if there might a segment on E commerce which only caters to customers needing the product urgently and they might fly it in for you.

The study was conducted in early August where 2,009 American adults, aged 18+, participated.

Source: SOASTA


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