Google To Follow Apple’s Footsteps And Incepting Android Nation Retail Stores Across India

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Google Inc (GOOG) is all set to launch retail stores in India to promote and sell its Android products. It plans to move from the internet Play Store to brick and mortar stores.

Google’s physical presence is about to spread,  According to Economic times, Google is partnering with BK Modi’s Spice Global to launch Android Nation stores across various Indian cities, starting with New Delhi later this year. And it will not restrict to just their Nexus range of devices but also will partner with Android users like HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony, Asus etc.

Google’s First Nation Store

The first Android Nation sore opened in Jakarta, Indonesia in mid 2012 and it had partnered with Indonesian electronics retailer Erafone, India will be the second country to get Android Nation stores. This is not surprising because India is a developing country and has a lot of potential and users, so this move will definitely benefit Google in the long run.


How Will This Deal Favor Spice?

Spice Global currently operates around 900 Spice Hotspots which sell various mobile phone brands and accessories, after the opening of the first Android Nation store, this alliance would help Spice to rebrand, reinvent 50 of its existing Hotspots to expedite the rollout. And Google is also supporting Spice in bringing China’s largest Smartphone brand CoolPad to India.

What Can Be Expected From The Store?

The Android Nation Locations will provide a platform to Google to sell their popular Nexus Lineup in their stores, as these devices currently are available online from the Google Play Store in India. It would also have a chance to showcase its new Motorola products; it can also showcase its Google TV and ‘set-top box’ which allows users to browse Web video content from their televisions.

Will This Be An Advantage To The Indian Brands?

According to a study local brands like Micromax, Karbonn are doing exceptionally well, Micromax had shipments of 6,33,000 in Q4 2012 alone and Karbonn had shipments around 3,0,4000 in the same period. Assuming their Android offerings, Google’s Nation Store may sell these Smartphones too. As these devices have high penetration, it would attract more customers to the Store.

Apple Vs Google

According to another study, seeing the potential in India Apple Inc (AAPL) has decided to triple its retail presence in India by 2015, Apple already has 65 exclusive Apple stores managed by its franchisees. May be Google has now realized that India is the market to beat so it wants to strengthen its presence in Indian Market.

Indian Mentality

Study says India is the third largest country in internet users, there are 150 million internet users in India, though the e-commerce is budding here, many people are still quite hesitant to buy products online as they would prefer to purchase a product after evaluating it physically. This retail store will provide a medium for the users to check out the device before making a purchase.


Android has already won many hearts in the Smartphone segment in India, and with the entry of the Android Nation Stores Google can further strengthen their position in India.


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