Will Facebook Inc. Instagram Become The New Vine ?

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With Facebook Inc. (FB) announcement that it would hold a press event on 20 June, numerous rumors have been circulated about what it could be. An RSS reader is one of the more popular theories circulating, but now there is talk about upgrading Instagram and adding video sharing capability to it. Since vine has grown into popularity with Twitter it makes complete sense for Facebook to get into action. Vine is a video-sharing app, created by Dom Hofmann and Rus Yusopu in June 2012. It allows creating a short video clip up to 6 seconds long and sharing it. Considering Facebook has been looking its video sharing advertisement for a while, the idea of incorporating them through Instagram could be benefitted for the company.

Facebook’s Mysterious Launch

Facebook Video SharingFacebook Inc (FB) seems to have even more products up in its sleeve. It is also not wrong to say that Facebook is following the footsteps of Twitter. With the release of Hastags feature and verified pages moderation, the company proposed an event on June, 20 at its headquarters in Menlo Park, California to launch its new product. From the source Tech Crunch, it has been known that Facebook will probably reveal its short video-sharing app in the event just like Twitter Vine video-sharing feature. Earlier reports about Instagram getting video provide some indication, though, that this is not coming out of the blue. Most recently, about three weeks ago Matthew Keys broke a story noting that such a service was getting tested internally. At the time, there wasn’t any information on when it would be coming out, nor whether there would be filters, nor whether this would be in a separate app or part of an Instagram update. The videos would be between five and 10 seconds in length, he noted.

Instagram video-sharing feature

Instagram is a popular photo sharing app with 100 million active users, who collectively upload 40 million photos per day. On the other hand Facebook is not growing so fast. In last 6months it lost 9 million monthly users in US, 2million monthly users in UK, 3.34 million users in Japan, and 20% in Australia. The main reason for the fall is taken as users prefer mobile apps over Facebook. As Apple store provides more than 800,000 unique apps and Google Play provides access to 700,000 unique apps that is easily downloaded. The advantage of video sharing can meet up the user needs and this feature can rise and support Facebook both in user base and in advertising sector.


Probable Other Features, about to launch by Facebook

In addition to the rumors of an Instagram video-sharing feature, it has been saying that Facebook is also developing a replacement for Goggle Reader, which is being shuttered on July, 1, or a further developed access of hastags system for “public conversation” which happened on June 12. However, the accuracy can only be obtained on the event which is few hours away from now.


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