Apple Inc Is Working On 3 Variants Of iPhone To Be Launched In Next 10 Months

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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has apparently taken the aggressive approach towards iPhone to woo its users clamoring for more choices in different screen sizes. Apple is currently working on three (not two) variants of iPhone to be released in next 10 months. Recently Reuters claimed two bigger screen size iPhone under testing, while low-price iPhone is also creating enough buzz over internet. According to Reuters, Apple is working on 4.7 inch and 5.7 inch screen size iPhone that could be launched only by March 2014. However, to defuse intensified pressure, Apple is also working on successor of iPhone 5 – to be called iPhone 5S probably – scheduled for August this year. Besides, many rumors are also claiming that US firm is also working on cheaper version of iPhone to outpace the accelerated growth of Samsung especially in price sensitive markets like India and China.

Apple Inc iPhone Bigger size

However, Apple is yet to take any firm decision on 5.7 inch iPhone, sources claimed. The company is not greatly convinced with the fact that users could really see much value addition Phablet size iPhone as it could be cumbersome usage experience for them.

Apple Inc Needs More iPhone Variants

More than users, its Apple itself that needs to have multiple variants of iPhone to keep its growth intact. Archrival Samsung is leveraging upon the strategy and placing atleast a model on every quarter-inch screen size starting from 4. Inch to 6.3 inch Galaxy Mega. This has provided Samsung an edge over the competition, as the Korean electronics giant is able to satisfy the need of almost every market widely. World’s two biggest Smartphone market, China and India have helped Samsung to grow leaps and bounds in last few years, all thanks to Samsung’s country focused sales strategy, backed by the wide range of handsets.

Apple also needs to counter the stagnating Smartphone market scenario in U.S. and Korea – two biggest adopters of iPhone and Smartphones. In Q1 2013, Apple Inc registered the negative Q-O-Q growth first time n the history. Meanwhile more Asian smartphone makers like Huawei and ZTE strengthened its market presence by leveraging over the strong penetration of Android.

It has become inevitable for Apple to move their sales only by betting upon brand value. Users are more educated and price conscious as market is flooded with tons of options that could largely satisfy their needs in quite comprehensive manner. Apple must have an iPhone to offer every segment of Smartphone users, starting from newbies who have just ditched their feature phone and moved with the growth mobile technology. Users are more dependable on mobile internet now than ever before; Around 10% of global internet traffic is being originated from Smartphones now. Recent moves by search giant Google has also forced business and marketers to adopt mobile-first strategy. Consequently market is flourishing with wide range of Smartphones while price war is further intensifying resulting in more low-price handsets.

Apple has stated working on strategy-shift already and the recent launch of iOS7 is the first step. The iPhone maker is also considering to various marketing strategy to win over local issues like price-war and upgrades. Company is reportedly working on trade-in strategy where older version iPhone users could easily upgrade themselves with latest iPhone. In price conscious countries, like India, Apple is also offering Exchange bonus along with EMI options to attract more non-iPhone users.


  1. So…If AAPL needs to chase Samsung so badly; what would happen if they did?
    Analysts fell under Samsung Electronics Co Ltd’s marketing spell when they made
    what they now admit were hopelessly optimistic forecasts for its smartphone
    Samsung makes crap. Regardless of you much money they want to spend to try to convince otherwise, eventually
    crap rolls downhill.
    All Samsung’s sales reports heretofore have been based on “channel shipments” and not actual “sales”
    Now all that garbage gets shipped back for credit on unpaid invoices.

  2. Is there ANYTHING factually confirmed here or is it all based on what you “heard” through the rumor mill.
    I don’t see any sources named??????


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