Smartphone Users In UK: Women Are More Fascinated Than Men !

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As the global shift in mobile usage has showcased how smartphone market leapfrogged feature phones, it is interesting to know about the demographic of smartphone users in various countries. A latest study over Smartphone users in UK reveals that Smartphones are no more only a business oriented device and how exactly people, especially women are falling for it.

According to the study, Smartphone market in UK has witnessed significant growth in last 2 years; up from 38% in 2010 to 60% of mobile market in 2013. But the most interesting aspect of the growth has come in form of users demographic as women have turned out to be more fascinated towards Smartphone than men. Nearly 58% of UK smartphone is being dominated by female users, compare to 42% male.

The growth is largely driven by Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. (KRX:005930) which has emerged as the biggest gainer in last 3 years. The Android leader has nearly tripled its Smartphone market share in UK at the cost of Nokia Corporation (NOK) and BlackBerry (BBRY)while Apple Inc (AAPL) managed to safe-guard its user base.


Besides, the study also reveals that its high-time for retailers to have mobile-friendly website as nearly 50% of Smartphone users in UK are accessing the websites on their device. Besides, the M-Commerce has also strengthened its presence by doubling its market in last 3 years, up to 40% from 23% in January 2010.

Apparel industry of UK has witnessed the biggest growth in mobile shopping in last few years and now it’s one of the most popular product categories in shopping via Smartphone.

The below infographic released by IMRG and eDigitalResearch showcases the details shift in UK Smartphone market in last few years.

Smartphone market in UK demographic


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