Importance Of Mobile Search For Businesses: 73% Of Searches Set Off Additional Actions And Conversions [Study]

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Over past few years, users’ dependency on mobile devices has continuously been increasing. Mobile handsets are now more than a “calling and texting” device; users are more likely to do mobile search for their need. In conjunction with Nielsen, Google has recently released a new report, revealing where people use to do mobile searches and what they do after their searches. The study spills the beans how the search determines purchasing behavior of consumers, and how it triggers additional actions in favor of businesses.

It has been noticed that majority of mobile searches occur in the afternoon and evening time, and most of them take place at home (68%), followed by while ‘on-the-go’ (17%). However, the study also reveals that 81% of these searches are driven due to speed and convenience; 83% of users do the search at home because they think it’s easier on mobile devices, as they don’t need to get up to turn the computer and wait for it to boot up.

Mobile searches by context

Mobile search varies with respect to type of searches. For example, for food and shopping, people often do the search while they are in ‘In-Stores’. Users prefer to search for traveling information from their office or while on-the-go. More importantly, these searches are prompting people to do additional actions; three out of four people trigger additional actions after doing the search.


Mobile search for Online activities

People often use to do searches on their mobile for shopping purpose. However, the maximum searches are done from home (69%), followed by on-the-go (17%) and at work (7%). Here is the users’ mobile search behavior with shopping activities;

Mobile search for shopping

Mobile searches also account for quick online and offline actions. After doing searches on mobile devices, 56%, 54% and 51% of users use to call a business, make a purchase and visit a store respectively within hour duration. Apparently, we can easily see the responses of users to the offline and online actions, after doing these searches.

Mobile searches trigger online actions

Undoubtedly, we can’t deny with the importance of mobile searches for businesses. 73% of these searches trigger consumers for additional actions and conversions. The study reveals that 25% of consumers, those participated in the study, visited a retailer’s website, while 18% and 17% shared information and visited a store respectively.

Mobile search for business

This time, it’s really important to now what actually users are willing to search on their mobile devices. It’s pretty much clear that beauty related searches are on the top of the consumers’ priority, followed by Auto, travel, food and technology related topics. However, shopping and Arts & Entertainment aren’t among the top five mobile searches.

Mobile search for products

In fact, the Google-Nielsen’s report provides us a deeper insight into the real-world, based on outcomes of mobile searches. But have you ever tried to find out why Google is trying to understand the users’ mobile search behavior ? Undoubtedly, it’s endeavoring to build ad products by leveraging on consumers’ search behavior. Besides, the searching giant wants to educate the values of those products (ad products) to marketers.




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