Microsoft Windows Tablets To Hold Over 10% of Global Tablet Market Share In 2017

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Last year, Microsoft unveiled its two Windows Tablets, running on Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro. However, Windows tablets are still struggling to entice a significant number of users across the world. More importantly, in Q4 2012, Android first time surpassed Apple’s iOS in terms of tablet shipments. However, the Apple’s iPads succeeded to hold supremacy for the entire 2012, followed by Google’s Android.

Microsoft Windows Tablets To Grow At The Cost Of Apple’s iPads

According to a IDC’s latest report, 2013 would be the first year in the history when Android powered tablets would outsell Apple’s iPads. It should be understood that here we are talking about the entire year, not for a particular quarter. As the demand of smaller and low-priced tablets are mounting up, it’s tough for Apple Inc. to sustain the growth rate of its 10-inch tablets. Apparently, the company’s iPad Mini is still selling well, meaning users are more likely to adopt smaller and portable tablets, rather than 10-inch tablets.

IDC has predicted that smaller and lower-priced Android devices would account for 48.8% of total tablet shipments in 2013. On the other side,  market share of Apple’s iPads will slip to 46% in 2012, from 51% share in 2012, while Microsoft’s Windows tablets, which comprise the tablets running on Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro manufactured by Microsoft and its hardware partners, will succeed to improve their market share. Tablets running on Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT OSes would account for 2.8% and 1.9% of global tablet market share respectively in 2013.

Android And iOS Tablet Market Share To Decline In 2017

IDC’s latest report also forecasts tablet market share for 2017, revealing great news for Microsoft to cheer up. By 2017, Windows tablets market share would surpass 10% of global tablet market share; Windows 8 Pro-powered Tablets would account for a 7.4% of global share, while Windows RT tablets would hold 2.7% of tablet market share. Of course, Microsoft Windows tablet market share will come at the expense of both Android and iOS tablets. As per report, the market share of Android and iOS powered tablets would drop to 46% and 43.5% respectively by the end of 2017.

At present, Amazon’s Kindle Fire lineups and Android-powered tablets manufactured by Asus, Samsung and other hardware partners have boosted the Google’s tablet OS market share across the world. Interestingly,  the Kindle Fire lineup versions of Android doesn’t rely on Google services. However, it’s still very tough to find out how many tablets are being sold by manufacturers; As Apple Inc. remains the only manufacturer to report its tablet sales regularly.

Windows Tablets

More importantly, the worldwide shipments of tablets would hit 190.9 million units figure by the end this year. The tablet shipments are expected to grow throughout the forecast period between 2012 and 2017 at a Compound Annual growth Rate (CAGR) of 16.6%. In this way, the shipments of these devices will finally surpass 350 million units mark by the end of 2017.

During the last quarter, one in every two tablet shipped had below 8-inches screen size. In other words, shipments of smaller tablets would be growing throughout this year. A significant number of consumers are more likely to get their hands on smaller and affordable tablets this year.

Challenges Ahead For Windows Tablets

Last year, Microsoft’s decision to push out its two different Windows tablets in the market hasn’t brought any good results so far. However, the devices are getting responses among businesses, but Microsoft and Windows Tablets’ partners would have to put some extra efforts to clinch Apple’s iPad and Android’s Tablet market shares.


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