Apple iPad And iPhone Rule Skies Too: Work Email And Reports Most Preferred In-Air Activities [STUDY]

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Give your unconscious mind some food; what do you do most of the time when you are virtually paralyzed at 35,000 high sitting inside an aircraft? You literally have not much of options to choose and, therefore, most of the air travelers find a companion in a form of gadget. A new study reveals Web Surfing is the most preferred in-flight activity.

The study done by Gogo – a in-flight Wi-Fi provider for US domestic flights – claims passengers who connect their mobile device with Wi-Fi do so using Apple devices compare to just 16% in-flight Android users. However, Apple is losing the grounds (or rather Sky) to Android as it was 96.8% back in 2011 forced to Android squeeze on just 3.2% then.

In 2013, in-air passengers prefer to use Tablet than any other mobile device. Nearly 35% passengers access in-Air Wi-Fi through Tablet, compare to 33% via Laptop and 32% via Phones. The main reason behind Tablet dominance could be the passengers’ in-Air internet habits as general web surfing has emerged as the most preferred in-Air online activity. In fact, among all Apple devices, iPad enjoys the maximum attention with 59% of in-Air Apple devices’ users. While 36% use iPhone, only 5% prefer to entertain themselves with iPod in 2013. Among the mobile phones in-Air Wi-Fi users’ iPhone beat Android phone by a margin of nearly 190%.

When it comes to activities, Web Surfing is the most favorite activity of in-flight Wi-Fi users claims the study. Since most of the frequent flyers are pegged to business and official quick trips, work email and reports are the second best activities performed by Wi-Fi users at 35,000 ft. And, how many of such passengers really indulge e-commerce activities? Hardly any as this is the least picked category by the passenger.

Appe ipad and iphone at skies


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