59% Of Users Worldwide Are Comfortable With Mobile Web And App Advertisements: [Report]

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Mobile advertising is now among the most preferred ways to connect with wider audiences. Just two months before, Gartner reportedly estimated that the mobile ad expenditure would touch US$11.4 billion figure by the end of this year, up from $9.8 billion in 2012. More importantly, the revenue from mobile ads is estimated to surpass $24.6 billion figure in 2016.

Undoubtedly, Asia pacific region is going to play a significant role in coming years. However, in Asia, mobile ad revenue is currently being driven by Japan and South Korea, but in the near future, China and India would be the dominating players. In addition, North American market is also catching up the trend with the dizzying pace. It’s estimated that over 1.7 billion people around the world would access internet via mobile devices by the end of this year, and in 2016, the figure will crossover a staggering 2.5 billion marks worldwide.

A latest report from Inmobi has revealed that mobile web users now spend 20% of their time every day on social media games, while 19% of their time on entertainment. Due to on the go convenience, mobile devices have reached to the top priority of mobile users.

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Yesterday, we reported that 53% of users in the U.K never received any mobile ads on their device. Indeed, the stat is quite disappointing for mobile advertisers in the country. There’s a question whether users are comfortable with the mobile ads or not? Inmobi’s report states that 59% of mobile users across the world are comfortable with the mobile advertising, while 20% are less comfortable. However, the proportion of less comfortable users is quite high in France; 39% of people in the country are less comfortable with mobile ads.

mobile ads comfort It has been noticed that users are likely to find out the information related to mobile ads after seeing them. 80% of respondents, participated in the Inmobi’s survey, downloaded an ad app after seeing the mobile ads, while 67% visited the website of the advertisers and 52% of users visited the store/retailer/business to get additional information. In addition, 46% of users admitted that they had purchased products via mobile, while 45% of users said that they had already located advertisers on map for further transactions and 37% of users even call the advertisers related to deals.

Furthermore, 40% of respondents had seen mobile ads on a search engine, followed by 27% and 23% and 17% those had encountered with the apps on a retailer’s websites, video websites and others respectively.

Mobile advertising is one of the effective modes to encourage users for purchases; 75% of respondents claimed that they were introduced to some new products via their mobile device. Apparently, 67% of respondents believed that mobile advertising provided better options, and interestingly, 46% had already made purchases through mobile devices.

Today, mobile devices are being used for an end-to-end transactions—thanks to rapid adoption of smartphones and mobile internet across the world. This time, along with the creating brand awareness, mobile advertisers are also focusing on a unique location based medium to influence users for making purchases. Globally, 66% of people have conducted transactions via mobile. In other words, 2 out of 5 have already spent via mobile devices.

The report also includes the information related to ‘unintentionally clicks’ on mobile ads, which comprises mobile banners, rich media ads and more. Just 5% of users worldwide very frequently (over 25% of the time) click on the mobile ads, and the number of these users is least in India.

Really, mobile decides the health of overall media consumption today, and of course, marketers need to identify some effective measures to entice a significant number of users across the world. In simple words, mobile advertising has become a key concern for many companies, as networking, browsing and shopping trends are literally shifting to mobile platform.


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