Chromebook Internet Traffic Surged 700% Since June 2012: ‘Chromebook Pixel’ To Impact On The Traffic Soon !!

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A few weeks before, Google announcedChromebook Pixel‘, a latest Chromebook lineup. The device is currently considered as a darling product for the Chrome world. The most discussed thing in the Chromebook Pixel is its screen, which is brighter and larger than its predecessors. The screen of the device is touch responsive and has 3:2 aspect ratio. The 2560 x 1700 pixels screen resolution (with the pixel density of 239 PPI) of the device is sufficient to astonish anyone around the world.

Unlike other Chromebook versions, the Pixel has been designed for premium users, those prefer to live in the cloud. In addition, the Google Chromebook Pixel features Intel Core i5 processor and a mind-boggling 1 TB of free storage on Google Drive for three years period. Furthermore, the pixel density (239 PPI) of the Google’s Chromebook device is little bit higher than the pixel density of 220 pixels/inch on the Macbook Pro, having a Retina Display. The screen of the device features a 0.55 mm layer of touch-enabled Gorilla Glass, which has been fused directly to the screen.  Google says the screen of the device is able to provide smooth interactions along with the perseverance of picture clarity. Just take a look at the complete specification of Google Chromebook Pixel:

Chromebook pixels specificationHowever, it’s tough to predict whether the device would succeed to prove itself in the market or not. Of course, everyone knows what is the role of pricing in the success of any product. The basic Wi-Fi Version Chromebook Pixel has been priced at $1,299 in the U.S. and £1,049 in the U.K.; the device is also currently available on Google Play. Besides, the LTE version is expected to be shipped at the price tag of $1,449 in the U.S. in April this year.


According to a new report online advertising network Chitika, Chrome OS internet traffic has surged by 700% since June last year. The Chromebook still accounts for just 0.07% of desktop and laptop based traffic on the online advertising network’s sites. However, the Chrome OS is little ahead of Nintendo Wii in terms of internet traffic generation, next to Sony PlayStation which accounts for 0.08% traffic. In June last year, Chrome OS accounted for just 0.011% of traffic, and apparently, the rise in a whopping 700% internet traffic of the OS would be a great news for Google to celebrate.

Chromebook pixel

It’s expected that Google Chromebook Pixel is going to make a dent in overall internet traffic of Chrome OS. But as the price of device is quite high, the target seems tough for it. However, Google is now highly committed to this project, and we could expect more low-priced Chromebooks in the market–especially for schools and enterprises– in near future. On the other side, positive sales for Chromebooks from the companies such as Acer and new entrants (manufacturing Chrome OS based devices) like Lenovo and HP have mounted up the expectations of users.

Chromebook pixel traffic growth



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