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Don’t you feel like one spoilt consumer with your iPhone?  With such a wide clump of apps available at your disposition, choosing the right lineup of apps for your iPhone is a matter of R and doesn’t matter if you are relatively new to the App Store environment or you a veteran iPhone enthusiast you wouldn’t be disappointed for even once. Albeit, some apps are homogeneous in nature. Some others have a lot to offer. Today we give you a quick tour of some of the must have free iPhone apps.


Instagram was introduced to the market surrounded with lot of hype and hoopla. Starting from celebrities to that of the everyday crowd. It went viral shortly! Clicking photographs and sharing them instantly by adding some funky effects to the social media and your followers turned out to be addictive and that’s where Instagram scored! Owned by Facebook, this app lets you add some unique filters to the latest or existing photographs and share it instantly to the social media. Using Instagram is ridiculously easy.


Google Chrome

“The web is what you make out of it”. Arguably the fastest internet browser today Google Chrome is our next pick in the must have app list.  Reasons; many. Firstly, a near flawless User Interface, stacked tabs, Insta search (Omnibox). It synchronizes better than Safari between the various iOS devices and your PC.

Temple Run 2

“I nearly missed my station while running across the horizon!” exclaimed an enthusiast. That’s how engaging Temple Run really is.  It is a coherent sequel to the immensely popular road-runner running through the ever adventurous fictitious temple in the history of mankind. The gripping elements and the game-play just got better in Temple Run 2. Better customized characters, top notch graphics digital quality sound just added value to v2.



Some users complain about garish fonts of Apple Notes. Evernote can delight you like never before. It uses a really crisp and clear interface with standard fonts which also syncs with your cloud accounts. Evernote provides a seamless interface for all your contents to be available at a centralized location. The standard Evernote version is free to use however if you really want to delve deep into the unexplored options you can always go premium.

Find My iPhone

An in-house Apple product specially designed to track your iPhone if lost or stolen. It works as phone radar. You can track your lost or stolen  with the help of another i-device  on a synchronized map. It added a new enhancement to the iOS 6 known as Lost Mode. You can even lock your i-device with a 4-digit passcode. As long as the lost device is receiving signal transmission its location can be tracked even it is on the move. All this any many more without spending a penny!

Along with the ones mentioned above some of the most popular iPhone apps list include Flipboard,Camera Awsome,Wikipanion, Imo Messenger, Dropbox, Yelp,Foursquare  and Runkeeper. Try these yourself to pep up your iPhone at no extra penny.

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