Twitter Stats, Users And Facts Of 2012 !! [Infographic]

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Twitter, the micro-blogging site is growing in a lightening speed, here is a good glimpse at  Twitter stats 2012 and how it grew to this point.

Between Q2 and Q4, account ownerships grew from 408 million to 485 million. Active users mounted from 208 million to 288 million in the same period.

GlobalWebIndex created an infographic which shows the Twitter growth between Q2 and Q4 of 2012 and the stats are neatly segmented by Twitter’s data by country, device, activities, and key demographics.


There are 288m active users on the site in which the major share is taken by PC 88% followed by Mobile (57%)  and Tablet (26%).

Twitter users who log-in to the site via PC are more interested to upload/share a photo (57%) followed by 41% of mobile users and 35% of Tablet users.

Also more percentage of PC owners shared photos, videos (30%) from company/ brand, shared links to blogs (41%)/articles (36%) and shared videos created by other internet users (31%)  than Mobile and Tablet Twitter users.

When looking at the messages category, 51% of PC users commented on daily activities than Mobile (41%) and Tablet owners (40%). It seems that Tablet owners are much interested in on-line purchasing as 33% of the Twitter Tablet users asked a friend about the product they were interested to buy which shows the purchasing decisions of Tablet users, this ability is said to be least in Mobile Twitter users (19%). But Mobile users were more friendly than Tablet users as they were more into commenting on posts/videos/photos of friends.

Interestingly, 26% of Twitter PC users watched full-length movies on Twitter and 23% of Tablet users watched video clips created by other internet users than Mobile Twitter users. Its also true that Tablet owners had a great purchasing ability than Mobile twitter users as 24% of Tablet users brought a product or a service but lays beyond PC users (26%). PC users (33%) were also highest in the following a group or page created by a brand. additionally the questioning ability about a product/service was seen highest in Tablet owners, 33% of them asked a question to the public regarding a specific product/service.


The bars in the arc around the usage bubble represent behaviors /actions performed in the past month by active users in PC, Mobile and Tablet.

The infographic provides the unique information about the Twitter behavior segments by device with certain activities being PC dominated (e.g “Uploading / sharing photos”) and few others are equally distributed by device type (e.g “Buying a product or service”).  In addition, certain activities particularly appeal to active Tablet users (e.g “Asked a friend about a product you were interested in buying” or “Posted a comment about a company or brand”).

The active user demographics demonstrate the global user base that is driving Twitter’s nearly half a billion users, with Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Turkey, Philippines and Mexico making up the top five markets. This is the reality of the increasingly global landscape for all the leading social platforms.

The user demographics also highlights that, people in advertising and marketing or IT are most likely to use Twitter. It also shows that the self-employed are most likely to use this site, so it gives a sense that Twitter is a key element for advertisement. Finally, users between 25 and 34 age groups are increasingly leading adoption and application of social media.



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