How Many BlackBerry 10 Devices Would Be Shipped In Q1 2013?

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After a long delays, BlackBerry finally unveiled its one of the most-awaited BlackBerry 10-powered smartphones–BlackBerry Z10–on January 30 this year. The device is currently considered as only the beam of hopes for the sinking ship (BlackBerry). But the question is whether the device would rescue the company from the complete ruin or not. However, after the first weekend of the device’s launch, the company admired its sales figure; the sales of the device recorded all time highest in the first day of its launch in Canada. But as per the recent predictions from different firms, the sales of the device don’t seem promising for anyone.

There’s 90% of Chances Of BlackBerry 10’s Flop

On the basis of sales figure of BlackBerry Z10 across different countries where the device is available for selling, an analyst–Michael Genovese–from Count Connecticut-based equity research firm MKM partners has predicted that there’s 90% of chance of the BlackBerry 10 powered device to be flop. BlackBerry Z10 is incredible in terms of keyboard predictive text functionality, but the device isn’t different from other existing devices in the market to save the brand. The hardware of BlackBerry Z10 seems bulky, but it’s not a big problem for the device platform but, the actual problem sustains in its poor application ecosystem.

Till date, less than 5% of the most popular iPhone apps and 10% of the top-100 Android apps are available on BlackBerry 10 platform. The analyst (Michael Genovese) also believes that BlackBerry Z10 channel sales would total to 400,000 units, quite lower than its earlier estimation of 1.5 million units.

BlackBerry Z10

Sales Of BlackBerry Z10 Will Be Less Than 400,000 Units

According to a recent checks from Pacific Crest analyst, James Faucette, sales of BlackBerry Z10 would be in between 275,000 to 325,000 units. The analyst has predicted that any benefit from the Z10 would be offset by cannibalization of Bold 9900 sales, which has seen a continuous decline since the launch of BlackBerry Z10 smartphone. Besides, he also added that the sales of the device (Z10) will remain lackluster even in second-quarter of this year as well. However, the sales of the device in the quarter ending May this year, which is expected to be around 1-1.5 million units, would be better than the current quarter.

On the other side, another analyst T. Michael Walkley had initially predicted that the sales of BlackBerry Z10 would be about 1.75 million in the current quarter. But after estimating the recent sales of the device in the company’s major markets like the UK and Canada, the analyst slashed his previous estimates for the current quarter to 300,000 units. Of course, the limited initial supply and soft demand of the device across the BlackBerry’s major markets are the key factors for dwindle shipments.

Still there’s a question: Could BlackBerry 10 devices achieve 20 million units mark shipments by the end of this year? Previously, ABI Research estimated that 20 million units of BlackBerry 10 devices will be shipped in 2013. However, it’s pretty much clear that the Canadian mobile handset manufacturer couldn’t ship more than 400,000 units of BB10 devices in the current quarter. In addition, the demand of the device will remain soft in the next quarter, as number of flagship models will be available by different vendors such as Samsung, Huawei, ZTE, LG and more.


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