14 Tips To Beef Up “Sharing” On Your Facebook Post [Infographic]

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Are you frustrated about your post’s performance on Facebook and are you looking for some tips which increases your post’s shares on the site?

If you think your post has really good content and if your confused why your post is not getting proper attention, then this is your perfect destination.

An infographic from ShortStack rolls out 14 ways to increase fan engagement of your posts.


Here goes few tips to try:

  • Posts between 100 and 150 characters draws 60% more likes, comments and shares than longer posts so, it’s better to keep the posts short. (In case if it’s inevitable, split the long posts in two)
  • It’s said that consumers like to share educational posts such as tips and procedures guide so let your posts be educative.
  • For posts to be more engaging always specify the question at the end of the post to get more interactions. Also be creative to utilize user’s interactions in the post for example: Like “fill in the blank” is a great way to start the dialogue, this keeps user intact to read the post completely.
  •  Use creative apps such as contest, promotion and survey apps to increase fans’ involvement with your brand/post.
  • Another study says that there is nothing wrong to ask for user’s reactions. The study over Facebook active users engagement proves that, when a brand specifically tells users to like, share and comment – the interactions were noticed higher than the updates which do not specify them in their posts.
  • Make a note of contents your followers usually love to spend time on and create contents in accordance to it. For example if they like humor add humor in your content or if they are interested in watch videos add some videos related to your content. So basically be entertaining.
Note: click on the link for more tips on Facebook posts
Take a look at the infographic below for more information,
How To Get More Facebook Shares


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