Apple Mobile Internet Traffic Share Dropped To 25.86% In January 2013: Samsung Benefited From Apple And Nokia’s Traffic Loss !!

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Apple and Google are currently fighting neck-to-neck with each other in mobile battlefield. Undoubtedly, Google’s Android is now clear winner in both segments–smartphone and tablet–in terms of shipments. But Apple’s iOS is ahead of Android in terms of mobile internet engagement.

Apple Mobile Internet Traffic Dropped Significantly

As per a web analytic company–StatCounter— more than a quarter (25.86%) of global mobile internet traffic (exclusive of Tablet) went through Apple devices during January 2012-2013. However, Nokia was at the zenith with 37.67% in January 2012. But this year, it dropped to the third position. The company accounted for just 22.15% of total mobile internet traffic in January 2013. In the contrary, Samsung leveraged on Apple and Nokia’s mobile internet traffic decline, and it accounted for 22.69% of overall mobile traffic share in January this year.

Global mobile traffic

Apple was at the second position with 28.67% of mobile internet traffic market share in January 2012, while Samsung had just 14.84% share. It’s pretty clear from the report that Apple is still the king in terms of mobile internet traffic.

It has been noticed from number of survey reports that iOS users more often access internet than Android’s. However, Android is quite ahead of iOS in terms of number of devices.  According to a report by NetMarketShare, iOS accounted for 60.6% of mobile/tablet web share in January 2013. In other words, iOS is currently much popular than Android in terms of mobile/Tablet web share. However, many of us still believe that strong sales of iPhone 5, third generation iPad and iPad Mini played significant role in creating such a heavy mobile/tablet web traffic for iOS.

But don’t confuse, the sales of device isn’t directly proportional to internet traffic. If it happened so, then definitely Android led in terms of mobile/tablet web share. The report simply demonstrates that Apple enthusiasts access internet more often than Android’s fans. This is one of the reasons why Google is still targeting to iOS users for its ‘Google Map’ in order to generate more revenue by offering ads on it.

Apple mobile / tablet web traffic

It’s also true that Android vs iOS battle is everlasting. Android web share has dropped by 13% since November 2012. Meanwhile, Apple’s web share saw considerable gain–thanks to iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini, which encourages users to do more online works.

On the other side, a study by Tech-Thoughts has revealed that Android Ice Cream Sandwich version showed off more web browser engagement than all versions of iPhone combined in November 2012.

Apple mobile web traffic

The report clearly states that Ice Cream Sandwich users are more interested to access internet contents on their smartphones compare to iPhone users.

Anyway, it’s clear that iOS users (overall) are more interested to access internet on their mobile handsets–iPhones and iPads–compare to Android users. However, Android Ice Cream Sandwich, which is more internet friendly version of Google’s mobile OS, is dominating over iPhones in terms of internet engagement.



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