Big Data In Healthcare: Technology May Replace Upto 80% of What Doctors Do !

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With the advancement of Technology, people are getting more inclined and satisfied with processes actively being driven by data. Healthcare Industry is no exception and the industry is witnessing the biggest tech revolution in recent time. In healthcare, it’s all about data; patient history, medical records, scanning, testing and almost every procedure is an effort to leverage more on accurate data, resulting in effective treatment of patients. The industry is largely depending upon practice and recording research outcome than medicine. Therefore it becomes vital to have a close observation on each and every case which is not possible without having advanced technology in place.

The below infographic, by Insurance Quote, highlights current situation and future advantages of Technology in Healthcare. The Big data, coming out of Technology implementation, is the road map for success in future Healthcare system.

The healthcare industry is largely dominating on practice and recording researches than medicine.


There are many interesting healthcare industry facts and figures, enough to astound a person seeking the technology influence over Healthcare. Few important but hidden highlights of the infographic are:

  •  40,000 patients in US die every year due to misdiagnosis.
  • A combination of Technology and Smart devices could easily highlight thousands of data points for a person crucial for him to have right-direction and cheaper treatment.
  • The transformation of many manual processes into computing could lead to have more accurate data and reports. Medical assistants, leveraging upon such technologies and generating 91% more accurate diagnosis reports than before.
  • Smartphones Apps are reducing the cost of treatment upto $1 per day.

Timely production of reports and technology influence over the treatment could cut the treatment cost upto 40%.

Sadly, only 7% of total Healthcare industry is matching or satisfying least Technology benchmark.

Technology in Healthcare



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