Mobile Devices Gifting: Which Ones Are The Most Picked And Appreciated?

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Though the Christmas and New Year is already over, people are still settling down their gratitude and respect to each other. Many, who are just back from great vacation, are busy in unwrapping the gifts received in holiday season. Due to the nature of benefits, handling and usage Mobile devices are one of the most preferred gifts among people. And, why not, market is flooded with variety of range, types and version that suits each and every person’s need and budget.

The below Infographic, titled “Impact Of Mobile Gifting” from Millennium media, reveals how people across the world picked mobile devices to gift. The stats are completely based upon last week of 2012 – to record the surge in mobile devices usage. Here are few important highlights that depicts how users picked their choices in mobile devices range:

  • While the Tablets emerged as most preferred mobile device to gift among people, Wi-Fi won the race in Tablet segment.
  • Android devices stood lucrative enough to gift more than Apple’s devices.
  • People almost neglected Smartphone as gift and went to explore more options in Tablet range.
  • Kindle Fire, Google Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy Tab were the top Tablets generated highest amount of traffic. This depicts the adoption of these devices was all time high in holiday season.
  • The Apple iPad Mini helped the company to generate more traffic in holiday season of 2012 compared to 2011. The spike was almost double than last year holiday season. This indicates people preferred iPad Mini as gifting device among all Apple mobile product range.

Mobile devices traffic in holiday season


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