Facebook’s Roller Coaster Year Ending On A High Note: 1st In Best Places To Work in 2013

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Facebook had a great year, also ending on a high note. Facebook is ranked 1st among the top 10 tech companies in terms of the Best Places to Work in 2013 in a survey conducted by Glassdoor.

Online jobs and career company Glassdoor has just revealed its 5th annual “The Employees’ Choice Awards”, which consists of a list of the 50 best places to work in 2013.

Facebook had only made to the list in the last three years; in 2010, it ranked to be in the 1st position. Last year, the social networking site was satisfied with the 3rd position, but has remarkably sprung back this year.

Unlike most workplace-related awards, which entail companies to self-nominate, the Employees’ Choice Awards rely exclusively on the input of employees who provide feedback through surveys. The positions of the top companies were determined by taking average ratings from half-million employees for 18-questions, the survey happened between November 24, 2011, to November 13, this year.

The survey asked employees to rate their satisfaction with their company for workplace factors, such as career opportunities, compensation and benefits, work-life balance, senior management, culture, and values.

Interestingly, Google made up to the 6th position, LinkedIn got 14th, Intel to 31, and Apple got 34 ( in terms of ranking). Guess, Google and Apple are just satisfied with their presence on the list and it seems they are not really taking these figures seriously. Indeed, these two monsters dropped their ranking the last year, Google (5) and Apple (6).

Facebook offers perquisite bonus and benefits, help employees in their work-life balance, offers paid vacation days, free food and transportation, $4,000 in cash for new parents, dry cleaning, day care reimbursement, and what not.

Whether it is the impact of perquisite bonus facilities or compensation and benefits, the employees commented favourably towards Facebook, and did not miss out on the opportunity to impact those billion users. The company’s commitment towards its hacker culture (hacking more than 1 billion people and now this award), and trust in its chief executive Mark Zuckerberg continues towards its remarkable success path.

Hopefully, the award is not just the honour but the opportunity to understand their employees and their satisfaction and work towards it to make a company “a better place to work”.


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