E-Commerce Platform Improvement Is The Top Priority For Businesses In 2013 [Report]

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The emergence of social media and digital advertising could be the biggest drawer for advertisers and marketers but E-commerce platform improvement is the top priority for businesses in 2013. According to a latest survey, done by SLI Systems, 18.4% businesses are looking forward to enhance and improve their E-Commerce platform next year to leverage fastest growing internet penetration across the globe.

However, getting their traffic via Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is the second most priority on the list for businesses, followed by Mobile witnessing explosive growth worldwide. While farther one was favored by 17.5% respondent against 14% for latter one.

When it comes to marketing, ‘engagement’ has emerged as the biggest pain point for E-commerce businesses. Therefore, 63% E-commerce sites want to focus (and expand) over improving their engagement rate against 62% who wants to attract more customers in 2013.

E-commerce Market projection 2013

Interestingly, relevant search results would be the main driver for E-commerce businesses in choosing search app and search service. While 46% websites voted in favor, 19% preferred to have ease-of-use as the primary criteria while selecting Search service for their website.

The other amazing outcome from the survey report is that 40% of E-commerce companies are willing to go by mobile or enhance their mobile presence in 2013 against 35% who already have mobile website currently. Interestingly, 20% of such companies are also planing to launch their Mobile App to reach out more Smartphone users by leveraging upon constant excelling technology adoption.

The digital activities and initiatives would be playing a crucial role in 2013. Asia being the biggest continent, in terms of internet and mobile users, its contribution in the growth is quite vital. However, Talent Crunch and Low Budget are the prime challenges for APAC companies in 2013 which could also jeopardize projections of 2013. Majority of companies are showing promising signs to counter these challenges by excelling the capabilities of their existing talent pool and by allocating larger share of their marketing towards Digital marketing.


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