Dazeinfo Research: Crossed 2,500 Respondents In Just 60 Days of Launch

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A new day and yet another reason to cherish; After 60 days of dedicated efforts – went into launch, incubation, promotion and marketing – Dazeinfo Research has touched the first milestone of 2,500 respondents on its first market research survey “Smartphone Usage by Indian Professionals”. Though, it’s not the destination we have actually targeted, reaching half of the way itself is much exciting, especially when journey is bound to continue – A much-needed fuel for to energize ourselves for rest of the journey.

Dazeinfo Research: No More ‘Needle In a Haystack’

The emergence of Entrepreneurship community and explosive growth in Internet and Mobile industry has strengthen the need of more authentic and reliable source of insights, projections, forecast reports etc. Despite of hundreds of “Market Research” companies, currently active and serving the industry with best strength, industry is still finding a big gap between demand and supply of market drivers in terms of data and reports. In fact, majority of reports and market projections are based upon petite people responses against a far large community. Definitely, the sizable gap in reach questions the authenticity of data and numbers projected in any report. And companies are left struggling to find real impactful and authorized information that could justify its existence in convincible fashion.

As Dazeinfo have already earned the position among the top websites in the world focused on Tech analysis, insights, statistics and 3rd part reports and studies, Dazeinfo Research is an effort to fill the gap by reaching out to sizable number of people, analysts, market-watchers, reporters and most influential people of their respective industries. Their opinion, suggestions, feedback and response live close to reality and hold matured understanding.

Our First Market Research – An Act of Responsibility

Mobile, especially Smartphone, is the most revolutionary product market has ever seen. The adoption and acceptance are exploding and people are much more dependent on it than ever before. However, the conservative approach towards the industry has distanced them from uncovering the true potential of mobile devices. The slow penetration of supportive ecosystems’ adoption like Mobile App, faster networks (3G and 4G) and on-demand data have confined the users into traditional ‘Call & SMS’ bracket.

So, what’s hindering users to leverage upon such valuable objects of mobile industry? Our very first Marker Research effort is focused on the very aspect to flag those aspects.

We believe that every one of us holds some share of responsibility towards industry and your few minutes’ investment to tell us “How are you using your mobile” would return back in the form of more connected, responsive and desirable services and products.


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