Want to Become An Entrepreneur ?? You Must Be Here: Best Countries for Entrepreneurship

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The Entrepreneurship ecosystem is flourishing across the globe and people are either exploring or diving down into it to hunt their own true passion and engagement. This infographic depicts quite valuable index coring information that rates various countries based upon various aspects best suit for IT industry and Entrepreneurship.

The infographic titled “Silicon Valleys of the World”, is based upon various trusted sources like “BBC Global Index”, Ernst & Young and few others.

Though, USA is known as Entrepreneurship heaven for startups, financial turmoil and unstable economic growth has pulled it down to second place in the list, replaced by Asian country Indonesia. However, the stable economic recovery and supportive entrepreneurship culture are still boosting USA on Entrepreneurship index.


Relatively smaller, Indonesia has not only managed leapfrog USA but also it ranks higher than Asian’s biggest IT hub India. So, what made Indonesia the most popular among Entrepreneurs; its middle-aged population which is open to opt for challenges and new discoveries. An another important factor behind Indonesia’s striking Entrepreneurship culture is the open adoption and mind-set among investors and VCs towards Startup & company valuation.

Geographically, it’s USA, Germany, Mexico, Indonesia which are leading in the index but the biggest surprise comes from Africa where politically imbalanced, high-on-risk Nigeria has been rated at the best country in the region for Entrepreneurship.

The detail infographic, prepared by Gist, after this break:

Best countries for Entrepreneurs


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