B2B Search Engine Optimization: Overpower Your Flourishing Competitors !

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SEO/Search Marketing is the important part of B2B Marketing. There is an endless myth that many believe as facts. However the Myths of B2B SEO can cost you more than expected in the industry.

We will run through some of the myths, which will be a eye opener for the people who are working in the B2B Industry & for those who are willing to establish themselves in this Industry.

1) Adding 3rd Part content drives more Traffic to their Website – Don’t do this unless you publish the relevant content that is suitable for your target audience will enable to earn the trust for your website.


2) Content Curation is unethical – Provide the credit to the original user also will be a good option

a) Don’t publish 3rd party story & make it as your own simply add the paragraphs & credit to the sources via linking methods

b) Create a ‘DOFOLLOW links’ of for their content instead of blocking them

c) Add the value for the original post by providing your feedback, Tips, & insights also would do well

3) Hosting Content gets your PageRank’s affected – After the Google Panda Update, Adding the content on a separate will boost your chances of outperforming the competition in Search Results


4) Labeled as Content Farmer – Don’t ever try to get branded by this term. As Content Farming is an unethical practice that adds pirated & low quality content to drive Search Traffic. Once you get the labeled as Content Farming Domain it will be odd to get out of the scene.

In the world of Realities & Resolutions many things can be implemented on your domains, which will boost your traffic and others, things that you are trying to do.

These below mentioned tips it will help you in dealing with Web traffic reports and to evaluate the digital marketing channels.

  • Replace the eMail ID’s for the Contact Forms
  • Create a Forms for Important Landing Pages that provides you the Valuable Content
  • Conversion Tracking helps you in Web Reporting & Marketing Solutions
  • B2B Sales are not face2face as there are multiple layers for decision making, this is also other reason why many sites lead tracking online is not implemented by them
  • Invest in Content Marketing
  • Participate in the Social Media Networks
  • Avoid more industry Jargons which is not understandable for your users
  • Have a track of the Analytics
  • Have an eye on your competition & their activities, don’t copy their strategy
  • Define your Goals in the Long & Short Terms
  • Provide the user information
  • Engage with your customers other than forgetting the main value of your website

In Average there are 8 Content Marketing Tactics to achieve your Goals in B2B like Social Media, Blogs, Articles, Micro Sites, White Papers, eLetters, Videos, Case Studies and much more.

In General SEO/ Search Engine Optimization cannot be done in a single day nor it’s a Magic Wand when a stick is rolled results do appear. It has to be a priority for an organization when it comes for a Short/Long Term Goals while attaining their objectives.

What are we missing out – We need to take the mobile & Tablet Industry seriously

Nowadays most of the B2B Marketers are slowly focusing on the mobile device usage & trying to get more from it. There should be no remarks why we should not target the mobile industry as we see the raise in the mobile device usage raising & growing, this will impact the B2B Market as website behavior when compare to the PC Users.



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