Worst’s Phase For Nokia Since Existence:Slips Out Of Top 5 Mobile Vendors List!

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Number of smartphones are incredibly increasing around the world–surpassed 1 billion units figure in Q3 2012. According to a recent report from IDC, worldwide mobile phone market mounted up 2.4% in Q3 2012 compare to the same quarter of the last year. Interestingly, Nokia is now not in the list of top five smartphone vendors, while Samsung maintains first position in smartphone segment.

In Q3 2012, 444.5 million mobile phones were shipped by vendors worldwide; Samsung shipped 105.4 million units, followed by Nokia with 82.9 million units. LG and ZTE were at the fourth and fifth notches with 14.0 million and 13.7 million units shipmnets in Q3 2012.

Smartphone Shipments In Q3 2012

More importantly, 179.7 million smartphones were shipped in Q3 2012, up from 123.7 million units in Q3 of the last year. RIM is now the world’s third largest smartphone vendor, while ZTE grab the fourth notch. One side where Nokia’s market share is continuously declining, while the other side Apple and Samsung are uniformly gaining smartphone markets.

Samsung retained its supremacy in smartphone segment in Q3 2012—shipped more than double units of smartphones compare to its nearest rival Apple. It’s the first time since Q4 2009, any company (individually) has succeeded to hold more than 31% market share in the single quarter. Thanks to Samsung Galaxy lineups that played significant role in its shipments.

Apple succeeded to ship 26.9 million smartphones in Q3 2012—the credit went to iPhone 5 that recorded 5 million units of shipments in first weekend of its availability. Despite of number of ‘severe issues’ reported by early adopters, the shipments of iPhone 5  were outstanding. The eye-catching feature of the device is 4G LTE connectivity and Passbook and also, the company is planning to ship the device in 100 countries by the end of this year.

RIM has not yet launched any new flagship this year; it has just harvested existing portfolios. The company is expected to launch BB10 in early next year. Despite the company reported overall 80 million subscribers base. RIM has managed to make its presence in top five vendors list due to the shipments of its lower-cost smartphones in many emerging markets.

Nokia’s market share is in downward spiral due to its strong belief on Windows Phone platform. In the last quarter, the company  shipped more number of smartphones (powered by its own OS) compare to the Lumia devices. Shipments of Lumia smartphone declined by 1.1 million units in Q3 2012 compare to the previous quarter. Nokia is losing its ground to potent rivals like Samsung even in emerging markets like India.



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