Apple Q4 Earnings, Revenue And Net Profit: Hit And Miss In A Nut Shell [Infographic]

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On October 26, Apple released mixed bag of financial performance of Q4 2012 (fiscal). Though the Net sale mounted up to $35.7 billion but Net profit dipped compare to Q3 2012 by $600 Million. Though, the expectations were not riding high enough as there was no product release in last last quarter by the company but keeping Apple’s brand value and market influence status, market analysts tagged it as ‘disappointing’ performance by Apple.

We have already explained the causes behind such sizable dip in profit and why Apple could have next quarter as one of its highest profitable quarters. Thank you close launch of iPhone 5, iPad Mini and iPad 4; which together could make Apple sales go gaga in next 3 months atleast. Though, the launch of iPad Mini has also triggered the debate over Apple’s late CEO Steve Jobs’ negative perception towards 7-inch Tablet market, but a sizable 27% of overall Tablet market that belongs to 7-inch Tablets is now inevitable for Apple to ignore any further. Probably, a bad sign for Google Android who could make its mark in Tablet space only due to unchallenged 7-inch Tablet market.

Anyways, here is an infographic that showcases Apple revenue, sales figures of iPhone, iPad, net profit and much more. A consolidated effort by “Statista” is much appreciable .


Apple Q4 earning, revenue, profit


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