Hey Apple!! Don’t Repeat The Mistakes What RIM And Nokia Did

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Undoubtedly, Apple only uses premium materials for out-turn of its products and the company doesn’t want to compromise with the quality of any of its products. The company launched its one of the finest products (new iPad) in March of this year and shipped 3 million units within three days of its availability. Just like previous versions, the new iPad has also a single output, Apple’s proprietary 30-pin data and charging port. In addition to these, the device also does not have Micro SD card slot for expanding memory or reading a card, HDMI video output and USB port of connecting peripherals.

On the other hand, every Android Tablet endows memory card reader. Microsoft unveiled clamshell-style keyboard connection with Surface Tablet; it’s lucrative for those who want to use the Tablet more like a replacement of laptop. Apple really needs to focus on an optional Bluetooth keyboard. However, the company might not launch the keyboard with iPad because it could impact on its laptops sales. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 currently possesses Stylus feature —it’s fruitful for those who want to do some creativity on their Tablet. And this time, Apple also needs to introduce some such sorts of innovation in iPad. Of course, those would lure especially to artists, designer, students, research scientists, professional and more.

How Apple Understood That Users Demanding Something Else Rather Than Laptops?

It’s not necessary that everyone needs full-fledged computer on the planet. Many of us use the PC just for web browsing and email reading and texting, nothing more than that. Tell me; how much ethical is it to invest on PC just for web browsing and emailing? Definitely, you would like to have some other devices that will fulfill your requirement rather than bulky PC.  It’s just like you need a car and someone is offering you ‘a Bus’. Apple was the first company that understood what consumers actually needed and introduced Tablet in the market.

Android Tablets have not succeeded to create a big difference in the market for two years because Android is neither first player nor the best one in the Tablet space. Apple realized that the game would be whole about contents and that was the reason why, Apple App Store instated 65,000 apps figure for iPad just in 10 months since the launch of first iPad.

Challenges Ahead:

The time is changing and Apple also needs to make some changes with iPad. This time, Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus 7 Tablets are in the market that are considered as potent rivals for iPad. In terms of hardware, Google Nexus 7 Tablet is no way vulnerable than Apple’s iPad. Now, users have more options to opt high-end Tablets that start with the price tag of just $199. Then why they will spend lots on $500 iPad, though all do mostly the same thing. However, the perception about the devices would change from person to person. We can’t run off from the fact that the price of the device is one of the most important factors that determines the purchase of any product.

Indeed, Apple needs to do some improvements with its new iPad this time. Ask to those who are quite interested to play games on new iPad: Whether they are comfort with playing game on the Tablet for a long time? Of course, playing game on retina display screen is fantastic, but your hand get tired after thirty minutes of play. The reason is that the new iPad is little heavier than its predecessor and the company should work on it.

We can’t ignore the issues when it’s related to battery life especially with Apple’s new iPad. The new iPad has large battery (with old charger) that takes 7 hours to be charged completely—means it takes over a quarter of a day just for charging. More importantly, after 10 hours of working on the new iPad, it’s awful to prepare the mind for recharging the device. Oh no!! It’s really pathetic experience.

Wake Up Apple:

On reminiscing the past, you would find RIM declined due to its ignorance. When Apple introduced its iPhone, RIM refused to welcome the idea after saying that people didn’t want computer on their mobile handsets. But now, it’s pretty clear what really consumers want. Once there was a time, when Nokia was the leading mobile handset manufacturer, but this time, it’s struggling to standalone in the market due to its ignorance to focus on making competitive products. This time, Apple should also focus on its oversights and should rectify feebles immediately.



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