Microsoft Uncovers Windows 8 Ad Campaign With $1 Billion Marketing Budget

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It’s less than 2 weeks left when much-hyped, much-anticipated and probably the most controversial Windows 8 OS would be uncovered by Microsoft. The Company is doing everything possible to make it a gargantuan success and end-users – atleast Windows life-long loyal users – are also eagerly waiting to have hands-on experience over Windows 8 OS. Since the global Smartphone revolution, Windows 8 is, apparently, first ever legitimate and serious ‘universal’ attempt to satisfy Mobile and Desktop ecosystem.

Microsoft has reportedly decided to pump in whopping $1 Billion to market Windows 8 (and Windows Phone 8 ) across the world. The success of Windows 8 launch has got a significant value for Microsoft this time due to immense competition from Android and iOS in Mobile (Phones + Tablets) market. Besides Windows 8 and windows Phone 8 OS, company is also expected to unveil “Surface” – company’s own but first ever bet in Tablet space.

Windows 8 First Ever Campaign

On Sunday, Microsoft aired the first ever campaign of Windows 8 during NFL games. Though, the ad looks setting up a pre-launch pitch for upcoming Windows 8, there are few pointers to catch in the video. The ad showcases all touch screen Desktop and Mobile phones. Does it mean that Microsoft has largely ignored normal Desktop community while developing Windows 8 ? Also, we couldn’t find any mention of “Surface” anywhere in the video as a missing surprise element.


Will Windows 8 Could Win Over Competitors

Though it’s too early to portrait any picture over Windows 8 adoption ratio, Microsoft has started feeling the heat from the market due to few unpleasant reports and leaks. Just last week we discussed “How Microsoft is being desperate to launch unfinished product”. And, if the report is correct, Microsoft could find itself on firing line by early–adopters who now expect much more matured, intelligent and bug-free OS from a tech titan.

Universal OS Approach – Could Prove Fatal

Unlike Apple and Google, Microsoft has decided to satisfy Mobile and Desktop industry via single OS. Though, Microsoft has made few changes in Windows Phone 8 for robust mobile integration but the base architecture remains largely the same. Unfortunately, other tech giant Apple and Google also tried to adopt the same strategy but ended up in segregating software. In fact, Google’s Android went a step further by distinguishing OS environment for Tablet and Smartphone. Therefore, it would be interesting to see what Microsoft has got in its plan book as speculations are being made that Windows 8 would fail to impress Enterprise users.

The ball could roll any side and ultimately its the users who is the King to decide ultimate fate of Windows 8. However, if Microsoft manages to go gaga with Windows 8, then we could soon see Microsoft own Smartphone in market. But then, the big question will remains to answer – Will Microsoft ditch long married Nokia ?



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