Apple’s Aggressiveness Towards iPad Mini Is Jeopardizing The Production Conditions

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Apple’s iPad Mini will be unearthed next week at the company’s pre-announced event. The product is expected to outburst the holiday season, coming after short fall. Asian component manufacturers have already received orders of making more than 10 million units of one of the most-awaited Apple’s iPad (7.8 inch Tablet).  It’s expected that sales of “iPad Mini” could reach to 5-7 millions by the end of Q4 this year.

Ironically, there are lots of roadblocks in the production’s path of the product. First and foremost important, Apple has been lashing out for long-period that the workers in its key contractor’s factory (Foxconn) are being exploited. They are forced to do overtime under unfavorable conditions in order to meet the demands. Earlier this month, two disputes have been confirmed by  the Apple’s principal component manufacturer. Actually, the disputes took place between quality assurance personnel and factory line workers on October 1-2.

In March, Tim Cook visited the contractor’s factory to get empathy of workers. Despite, the situation is still as usual. Foxconn has currently over 1.2 million employees in China and the factory has been under scrutiny since last couple of years due to committing suicides by employees, underaged labors, poor living condition and overworking.

However, it’s said that Apple’s Asian component suppliers have embarked mass production of the new Tablet. Apple is currently facing difficulties due to constraint in components’ production.  According to the sources (Apple’s supply chain in Taiwan), the manufacturers are facing hurdle related to the Tablet’s chassis and screen-panel of the device.

Initially, a five million screen-panel production goal had been set up by Apple for the third quarter of this year, but later it dropped to four million. It’s also said that LG would produce 60% of total screens’ requirement, while rest of 40% will be produced by AU Optronics. This time, Foxconn will have to make 6-7 million iPad Mini for Apple, while Pegatron will have to produce three million Tablets in Q4 of this year.

As Apple has decided to ship iPad Mini by the end of this month, the supply of the device has become a nightmare for its contract manufacturers. Like iPhone 5, iPad Mini will also have an anodized aluminum case, but it should be noted that Apple’s new iPhone has been lashed out for aluminum-case scratches. Of course, the production of non-stretchable aluminium-case has also become one of the major challenges for component contractors. Anyway, it’s not easy for Apple to launch iPad Mini later this month and fulfill the demand of the device.


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