Yup, Apple Has Potential To Prove Itself In Mapping App Space: ‘Google Map Mobile’ Might Be Launched Today

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Apple Map is being condemned by detractors since its launch in iPhone 5, despite of its debacle, the sales of new iPhone apparently continue to run high. However, it was expected earlier that sales of new iPhone could be affected due to complaints registered by the early adopters related to poor map navigation, misleading of locations, and more.

Since the map is software-based and we could expect that Apple will make the program more effective, powerful and refined, but it will take some time. Initially, Google Map was considered as an alternative option due to a significant number of users had a long experience with Google-powered map for previous iOS versions.

It’s also true that everyone doesn’t get the legendary glory just in one night; Google Map was also inferior compare to Yahoo Maps and Mapquest when it was introduced. It’s pretty known that Apple had no choice rather than to dump the Google Map because Google wanted to keep turn-by-turn navigation unique to Android devices. In addition to these, Google also wanted to have more branding in iOS apps along with an inclusion of other services such as friend-finding Latitude feature. Anyway, it’s said that for longer-term gain, everyone needs to face short-term pains what Apple is facing this time.

Apple is a big fish and definitely, at the end of the day, it will try to produce the best user experiences possible as one of the leading platforms . As demand continues to see stronger, it’s speculated that consumers are not worried with the flaws of Apple’s mapping app.

On the other side, Google has confirmed that Google Map Mobile will have ‘Street View’ photography and most probably, the maps app would be launched today. Anyone can get Google Map Mobile through their smartphone’s browser. Of course, it would not be a eye-catching news for Android users because ‘Street View’ photography along with turn-by-turn navigation feature is already present in their Android app.  Apparently, Google Map access through browser won’t be superior as making use of an actual Google map app.

Recently, Tim Cook apologized to customers for errors in Apple Map and also, convinced them to offer third party alternatives not because of Apple Map is inferior compare to Google Map, but due to fixing the issues will take some time. Indeed, mapping issues are not so easy to fix; It can’t be fixed in just one week or one month, but it would take time more than that. Fixing of issues demands money, time, attention and competence.

Undoubtedly, there are lots of issues related to Apple Map, despite the map is quite capable to explain media message clearly such as flyover and turn-by-turn navigation. Apple map is considered as an art project; Seeing crumbling buildings and melting highways in Apple Maps app is awesome like something ‘out of box’.  See the video:




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