The Popinator: An Automatic Popcorn Throwing Machine For Lazy Gooses [Video]

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I have strongly believed that Innovation has no boundaries and no matter how complex your child brain can think, there is always a way to shape that up in real life. This new innovative, voice command driven, popcorn throwing machine is a superb example of this. Named as “Popinator”, the machine is a great finding for those people who, either, don’t like to move their ass or jobs demands to stick at one place whole day.

The “Popinator” is a voice command driven machine which triggers on certain pre-defined voice commands, recognizes the coordinates of the voice command origination and throws popcorn to grab. This is really interesting activity which one could do multiple time while being engaged in other works and without putting his hands off from the real tool or machine.

It could be very useful at the time of conferences, group discussion and meeting when a person doesn’t really need to struggle to reach out to popcorn tub by disturbing everyone out there.; Just a common voice command and popcorn could fly over to you automatically.

The machine doesn’t follow voice recognition, rather its runs on a common voice command. Note sure how many people would really adopt and like to have this ‘tiny tool’ near their desk or inside their office but it’s a great piece of innovation, indeed.

So, who is behind such all lazy-styles job – its America’s number 1 popcorn company “Popcorn Indiana”. However, the whole content and video case study is created by “thinkmodo”. Anyways, here is the interesting video showcasing “Popinator” in real action. And, let me throw a question to you – Would you buy this machine for your home or office ? Let us know your views and takes in comment section.


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