Microsoft To Release ‘Incomplete’ Windows 8 OS In October?

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Desperation rides high among over mind and sometimes results in few extreme steps people and organizations may not wish to trigger. Apparently, Microsoft is stuck with such scenario as company is reportedly gearing up to launch ‘un-finished’ Windows 8 in October, reported Bloomberg. The claim has been made by ‘Paul Ottellini” – C.E.O. of Intel Corporation – in a private meeting session with his employees in Taiwan. Paul said that Windows 8 is being released before it’s actually fully ready though, it’s a right move and Microsoft can make improvements after it ships.

Sensing the serious implications of dreadful statement, Intel was quick to respond with the clarification to play down the whole scenario before any blow up.

Intel said “Our internal employee meetings are private and we don’t disclose details on what may or may not have been said. We continue to see Windows 8 as a significant opportunity across the board and are excited at our prospects in new form factors like Ultrabooks, tablets and convertibles.”

Microsoft Is Desperate For An Early Launch of Windows 8

Microsoft can still play down the whole scenario as Windows history supports the situation when company first launched the OS and then kept fixing bugs and improvement on the fly for many years post release. But this time, the situation is much more demanding than ever before. Microsoft has already been criticized by industry analysts for missing the ‘mobile devices bus’ and for adopting lazy approach towards preparing a strong contender against Apple and Google in mobile OS space.


While Apple is enjoying the 3rd generation of its iPad tablet, Google’ Android has also seen three seasons of OS specially designed for Tablet – Android 2.3, Android 3.0 and Android 4.0. However, Microsoft is still busy in fixing all its codes at right place in tablet segment.

Microsoft also wants to showcase its Tablet experience to the world almost at the same time when Apple will be gearing up to launch “iPad Mini”. In fact, Microsoft would definitely look forward to take the best advantage of upcoming holiday season to boost sales and excitement among users.

Updates, Patches And SP – Microsoft Traditional Strategy

Microsoft always maintained the history of ‘Service Packs’ to improve the performance of earlier OSs and Office packs. Company has kept using the early adopters of OS and Office Suite as its own ‘Testing division’ to find bugs and report back. Generally, company releases out SP 1 within 1 yr of public launch but this the duration seems shorten and sooner. More than 16 million active participants have been rigorously testing Windows 8 for some time now and in last few months company has also made the laundry list of much-needed enhancements and improvements. Therefore, company could release the SP to users to provide a comprehensive experience to users asap.

The Launch of “Surface” is Inevitable Now

Indeed, Microsoft couldn’t afford to delay such release in the wake of situation when Android and iOS Tablets are enjoying greater influence over new Tablet users. In 2012, Tablet shipments are expected to touch 107.4 million and, surprisingly, Android and iPad will control 99% of the market combined. Needless to say, Microsoft “Surface” has got very suffocative space and it could only grow at the cost of either iPad or Android.

In above scenarios, Microsoft has can’t buy any time further if ever it wants to have sizable Tablet market share. Company will have to present its bet strongly and should have strong support from OEMs and developers’ community which is defiantly not possible overnight.

Apps For Mobile Devices Holding Revenue

A sizable revenue share of Apple and Google is being controlled by mobile Apps available at various AppStores. In 2012 alone 45.6 billion global apps downloads are expected to take place; out of which 5.01 billion apps would be paid ones, tagged with an avg cost of $5 or more making the paid App market worth $26 billion. Interestingly, Apple would emerge as leader in this space again with 65% mobile App market share. The paid mobile App market will increase 4 folds by 2016 making it worth $100 billion.

Microsoft don’t have any significant say in mobile App market either. Nokia is still struggling and could ‘possibly’ see some traction from November when Windows Phone 8 – Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 – would be available in market. But, still company has got miles ahead to cover. Microsoft needs to lure developers’ community after inevitable launch of “Surface” in order to grab a significant portion of mobile App market.

Biggest Challenge Is The Unanimity Of Windows 8

The statement by Paul has come exactly a month before from the official launch of Windows 8, scheduled on October 26, 2012. Microsoft is doing everything possible to lure the developers’ community across the globe, who is one of the main driving forces behind the success of any mobile OS – be it Android or iOS. A recent attempt for “Guinness book of world record” by creating maximum numbers of app is one such effort.

However, the unanimity of Windows 8 over Desktop and Mobile devices is one of the biggest challenge Microsoft will have to overcome. Unfortunately, history doesn’t back Microsoft attempt as neither Google not Apple have ever been succeeded with such attempt and ended up segregating OS for Desktop and Mobile environment. In fact developers also feel itching when it comes to provide apps that could sync with two different environments seamlessly.



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