Google’s Driverless Car Got Permission On California Roadways: An Effective Step To Reduce Traffic Accidents And Carbon Emission

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“Driverless car”; It sounds little weird, but today’s fiction is going to be tomorrow’s reality. Google’s driverless car has made its appearance on California’s roadways, thanks to a bill signed this week  that sets safety measures and guidelines for advancing autonomous vehicles in the state. Google has been working on this technology for about two years and the yesterday’s bill in the California opened a doorway for autonomous vehicle technology.

The law restricts bonded operators should be on the driver’s seat of a testing vehicle so that they could take the responsibility for any mishap occurs. The bill also mandates that Department of Motor Vehicle will adopt regulation for testing, licensing and operating such autonomous cars.

The autonomous car could be lucrative for people who can’t drive themselves, such as elderly, disabled, intoxicants and blind. The car is also helpful to make roads safer, reduce congestion and free commuters from the drudgery of driving.

The Autonomous Vehicle Will Reduce Accidents And Carbon Emission

Google’s endeavor could really make the road safer, but a car without driver in the front seat might afraid to an average user. However, it’s claimed that new  car could significantly reduce traffic accidents. According to the recent stats, about 1.2 million people died due to traffic accidents around the world and most of them often caused by driver’s faults.

Most of accidents on roads occur due to drivers’ fatigue and lack of concentration, but autonomous vehicles will have much better time of responses than an average human. In addition to this, the autonomous vehicles will also reduce carbon emission and fuel dependency.

Opps!!! The Vehicle Will Have Sky-High Cost

However, it’s not an easy task to put the car on the road; It will have to pass with a long legal process. The vehicle is expected to have sky-high costs–will cost more than US$300,000.

Professor of science and innovation law at Arizona State University–Gary Marchant–said, ” I believe liability will be a big impediment to these vehicles. When, as is inevitable, something goes wrong, the autonomous vehicle manufacturer is likely to be found at fault. If this liability is excessive (for example, punitive damages), it may deter vehicle manufacturers from going forward with these safer vehicles.”

At present, almost all large automobile manufacturer are working on such autonomous vehicle technology. A significant number of innovators, automobile manufacturers and engineers are perennially working on the autonomous technology including cruise control, lane departure warning systems, parking automation and more.

Anyway, the features are quite promising for future, but the dream will true when the device will be available in the markets. However, the expected price of the vehicle is quite higher than the budget of an average consumer.


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