Just 39% Of The U.S. Consumers Prefer Kindle Fire, While 54% To Opt iPad Mini: [Survey]

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Amazon’s new Kindle Fire HD Tablet is now available in the market, starting with the price tag of $199, however, users will have to wait until next month for 8.9-inch Amazon’s sleek Tablet. The new Kindle Fire HD is equipped with 1.2 GHz dual core processor, 1280 x 800 pixels HD camera, front facing HD webcam and Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS. Users can buy non-HD models of Kindle Fire at starting price of $159. But, the question is here; Will Amazon lure considerable number of users because Apple’s iPad Mini is coming next month?

According to a recent survey conducted by CouponCodes4u over 2,103 consumers in the U.S., 53% of users own 7-inch Tablet in the country. 45% of the Tablet users have iPad, while 19% , 16% and 13% users own Google Nexus 7, Samsung’s Tablet and Amazon’s Kindle Fire respectively.  Just 7% own other types of Tablets including BlackBerry PlayBook.

On asking a question to respondents whether they would like Amazon’s Kindle Fire Tablets or not, 55% respondents answered affirmative, while 45% were unimpressed with Amazon’s latest Tablet. Among those who liked the new kindle Fire HD, 51% said they would prefer to buy the Amazon’s latest HD Tablet due to ‘competitive and affordable price’ purposes, while 27% preferred due to Amazon’s powered content library. In addition to this, 13% respondents liked the Tablet due to its ability to set parental controls on their apps, while just 9% were impressed with its improved specification.

Among unimpressed respondents, 45% preferred larger screened Tablet, while 11% were not impressed with Amazon’s app numbers.  Despite of iPad Mini’s arrival in the next month, 39% of respondents were likely to consider Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD Tablet, on the contrary, 54% would like to opt Apple’s forthcoming 7-inch Tablet.

Just a week before, I explained Apple’s iPad was ranked top in the U.S. in terms of customers satisfaction with 848 points (out of 1,000 points), followed by Amazon’s Kindle Fire with 841 points, Samsung with 827 points, Acer with 811points, Barn’s & Noble’s Nook with 803 points.

It’s pretty clear that majority of users in the U.S. prefer iPad and I think, it’s not prudent to explain here why they are more likely to own Apple’s Tablet; Everyone is knowing the reason. But, a significant number of users in the country prefer Amazon’s Kindle Fire due to its affordable price-strategy, digital library and integrated services. It’s quite clear from the survey, Google Nexus 7 Tablet has also grabbed the attention of folks across the country due to outstanding specifications, features and price.


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