“Can I Buy You A Drink” – Let The QR Code App Ask In Style [Video]

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Undoubtedly, asking an unknown person, for a drink or even a coffee, is a daunting task, especially if you are single and ready to mingle in any bar or café. Attempt could result in humiliating situation and embarrassment too. However, the same approach could make you earn a ‘connect’ worth million dollars. So, what’s the best approach to ask – The QR code App has the solution for you.

Implemented in a bar at Singapore, people can actually ask the cheeky question from anyone just by using the QR code tagged with the beer bottle. If you see the below video, a person can scan, download the app and just follow the instruction to set up. Once ready, he will just have to turn the QR code, put it back on beer bottle and send to desired person. The QR code tag has its own set of message and instructions to follow.

This is, indeed, a very funny but professional way to ask for company in any café or restaurant. Interestingly, there is no ‘per-reaction-investment’ involved in the whole process and one will only to have to invest in app development and printing.

such adoptions and innovations with QR code is not new. We have showcased many more interesting QR Code marketing campaigns earlier that turned out to be very eye-catching and created buzz among targeted audience and people. The technology is just improvising itself with new marketing ideas and the perfect blend is resulting in many amazing campaigns producing desired results for companies.

With the explosive growth in smartphone, QR code campaigns have really got a promising future for marketers and advertisers. The only need is to be creative and innovative rather than standard adoption.

So, the next time you to any café, ask for any such setup in place. Here the video, enjoy !



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