Finally Apple Launches iPhone 5 Worldwide: Does It Meet Users’ Expectation?

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Now, Apple’s long awaited iPhone 5 is available in the market for its enthusiasts. iPhone 5 is available in three different models—16 GB, 32 GB and 64GB–with carrier subsidies for $199, $299 and $399 respectively. However, the actual price of the devices without contracts are $649.99 (16 GB), $749.99 (32 GB) and $849.99 (64 GB).

Components That Make Apple’s New iPhone Costlier Than iPhone 4S 

The costliest component involved in the device is unsurprisingly its touch screen panel. The sophisticated touch screen panel of the device possesses touch sensor and display panel. In addition to this, the screen size of new iPhone is half-inch larger than its predecessors.

This time, Apple encompassed LTE chips in new device that makes the new device little costlier than previous model (iPhone 4S), added $10 to its cellular components cost. As I explained earlier that Apple could face challenges for using 4G LTE technology in its iPhone. First, its potent rivals like HTC, Samsung, LG and Google could jeopardize the company for infringing the LTE patents. And secondly, Apple’s iPhone 5 runs on 1.8 GHz band for 4G LTE network and most of European countries are offering LTE services on the 2.6 GHz or the 800 MHz band. It’s quite clear that just few operators those have (1.8 GHz band) could offer 4G LTE services to the device.

The new iPhone has A6 processor which is little bit-costlier than A5 processor, but it’s said that the company succeeded to mount down the price for NAND Flash memory. Undoubtedly, the new iPhone is lighter and slimmer than iPhone 4S, besides the company also claimed that the processor inside iPhone 5 is twice as faster than its predecessor (iPhone 4S).

I don’t know how much the claim is accurate, but some sources has revealed the new iPhone does not feel much faster than iPhone 4S. Some of the apps (designed for 3.5-inch screen) are still running perfectly well on older models compare to new iPhone 5.

However, Apple fans support the new screen size of iPhone 5–they consider that 4-inch screen is  neither too small nor too big. The screen size of previous models was definitely small by modern standard. Actually, apps do not feel faster on new iPhone 5 but they appear bigger.

Apple’s Maps App:

It’s pretty-known that Apple dumped Google Map from iOS 6 due to increasing competition between Apple and Google in mobile segment and relied on its own mapping app. The new iPhone has occupied with maps error, especially for users those are residing outside the U.S.. Although, Apple added number of features such as 3D terrain data and more, despite it has been lashed out for numbers of navigation failures. Should Apple to install a version of Google Maps?

Apple’s map isn’t much effective to provide accurate location data or information related to the public transport. The map struggles to provide  direction across the pedestrainised areas. However, the map is lucrative to find out the location of restaurants, bars and shops but it misses to find even railway stations. Would I think Apple has focused on businesses?

One thing that I would support that the data connections will run much faster on the new iPhone. The new iPhone supports 4G network that means download speed will remain almost twice as faster as iPhone 4S (on Telstra’s HSDPA network).



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