As the launch date of Apple iPhone 5 is nearing, expectations have started riding high and will continue till Apple puts an end to endlessly entertaining guess-work floating across internet for some time now. While we also revealed many interesting probable facts about upcoming iPhone 5 – 4 inch screen, 12 MP camera, Processor and RAM upgrades etc – there are many companies excited about all this situation and have tried to set the expectation from Apple by releasing a concept video or dummy hardware faking as iPhone 5.

Interestingly, there are few among them who, apparently, haven’t bothered to stay confined inside the realistic scenario and throw the best of their thought processes; Aatma Studio is one such kind of company.

Aatma Studio has released a concept video pushing Apple iPhone 5 towards best of ‘unrealistic’ hardware capability. The video demonstrates that how Corning Gorilla LED glass of iPhone 5 could also behave as much appreciated ‘Finger Print Scanner’.

However, expectations don’t end here. Video also shows an impressive behavior of Siri which could act quite closely as human assistant by throwing away information to you in voice form automatically.

But, the biggest surprise comes in the form of hardware flexibility – breaking all physics’ laws and rules. The new iPhone 5 could be stretched as much as double of its size to make screen bigger and better. This is the most fascinated projection I had witnessed ever.

I am sure the video is of good for nothing if you are a serious analyst or potential buyer of iPhone 5 but it’s worth watching just to entertain yourself.

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