Worldwide External Disk Storage System Market Recorded 6.5% Y/Y Growth In Q2: EMC Maintained Its Supremacy [Report]

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In the last couple of years, the demand of external disk storage has continuously been increasing and now, we can’t ignore the contribution of this segment. According to a market research firm–IDC–, the external disk storage system factory revenue reached to almost $6 billion in Q2 of this year. In addition to these, total disk storage system market recorded a revenue of just under $8.1 billion, representing 8.0% year-over-year growth in Q2, 2012. On the other hand, worldwide external disk storage system market showed off 6.5% Y/Y growth in Q2 of this year.

In terms of storage, total disk storage system capacity (shipped) surged to 6,667 petabytes in Q2 of this year, demonstrating 24.8% Y/Y growth.

Market Share Of External Storage System Vendors

EMC was at the top in terms of the external disk storage system market with 30.4% revenue share in Q2 of 2012, followed IBM with 12.8% share and NetApp with 12.1% market share. HP, Hitachi and Dell succeeded to make their position in top five vendors in Q2 of this year. See the stats for further information:

Along with external disk storage, the market of open networked disk storage and Open SAN market also grew year-over-year. The total open networked disk storage market (NAS combined with Open/iSCSI SAN) recorded 6.5% Y/Y growth in Q2 of this year, posted just under $5.2 billion revenue during the quarter. EMC again maintained its supremacy with 33.7% market share in the open networked disk storage market, followed by NetApp with a 14.0% revenue share.

Likewise, Open SAN market also recorded 8.0% Y/Y growth and EMC was dominating vendor with 29.4% revenue share, followed by IBM with 15.25 and HP with 12.8% shares. The NAS market showed 2.5% Y/Y growth and EMC was at the top in this segment with 45.7% revenue share, followed by NetApp with 32.0% share.

Dell led the iSCSI SAN market with 28.3% revenue share, followed by EMC, HP and NetApp with 20.4%, 12.6% and 12.1% market share respectively. The mid-range storage class (ASP $25k-$249.99k) demonstrated faster growth rate than any other classes, recorded 12.2% Y/Y growth in Q2 of this year, accounted 48.2% share of total worldwide external revenue. It’s also estimated that the mid-range storage class will surpass 50% revenue share soon.

Opportunity Ahead: 

Disk storage system vendors are more willing to offer enterprise level functionality including compression, data duplication and ‘tiering’ at the very affordable price. On the contrast, end users are also likely to invest more infrastructure and that’s why, the demand of mid-range storage is continuously mounting up– expecting to achieve double digit growth especially in the emerging markets.

It seems that a battle for market lead among external hard drive vendors has been sparked out around the world. Now-a-days, external hardware drive (that stores valuable data) is widely used in order to achieve considerable level of safety and security. In the disk storage system, EMC has made a strong impression in the consumers mind. However, IBM, Dell and HP has also influenced worldwide users. Indiscriminately, there is a huge opportunity in this segment as the demand of the disk storage system is continuously augmenting.


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