40% Clicks On Mobile Ads Are Completely Worthless – ‘Fat Fingers’ To Be Blamed ?

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Mobile marketing has hit the wall, apparently. And, this time the escape route seems to be really difficult – if not impossible – to cover. A recent study over mobile marketing and challenges has portrayed the picture which no one would like to see; the biggest challenge for mobile ad market is ‘non-replaceable’ human fingers which are fatter and bulge.

Marketers are demanding more effective and clean ad networks that could produce high percentage of legitimate response over their Ads. And, publishers are also working towards the direction that could make their Ad inventory ‘best-in-class’ by fishing out suspicious or illicit clicks.

A recent study, conducted by app marketing platform Trademob, exposes that almost 40% clicks on Mobile Ads are completely worthless. The company reached to the conclusion by looking out 6 million clicks from 10 different mobile ad networks in June this year. Interestingly, study claims that 22% of these worthless clicks were originated accidentally.


The problem is universal and not limited only to mobile ads. Be it unique visitors, Social media activity or other mobile based action; a significant number of activities are the result of similar accidental approach.

Social Media titan Facebook is also suffering from the similar pain. As per Facebook Security Note, company wants to have an effective mechanism to control fake “Likes” and therefore, less than 1% f page “Likes” will be removed from brand pages as they are inauthentic and illegitimate.

Mobile Ads

More than 50% of Facebook users are on mobile using the network regularly. On comparatively smaller 4-inch mobile screen, “Like” sits very close to “Comment” in order to accommodate other features and information. More than 3.5 billion “Likes” and “Comments” are taking place over Facebook daily and considering the number of mobile users, a sizable chunk of this is being originated from mobile. Therefore, a valuable portion of these “Mobile Likes” could also be a part of accidental approach. In fact, just few months back Facebook also received a jolt when it was accused of sending 80% fake clicks on an advertiser’s Ad.

Fat-Finger Are Dominating Over Metrics

Unfortunately, there is no way to control such ‘accidental clicks’; neither handset makers nor software developers have any answer of the inevitable act. Therefore, it’s very clear that ROI calculation of mobile campaigns is just becoming a daunting task and advertisers are really incredulous about the metrics.

However, the matured marketers and advertisers have got a different view to cope-up with inherited ‘fake-clicks’ metrics. They are tagging mobile ad investment against end –results produced by “Likes” and “clicks”. This is helping advertisers to load the ‘fine-tuned’ marketing cost over their products and services.


Apparently, the time has come when we should surrender in front of few inexorable marketing challenges and look beyond “Clicks” and “Likes” only to measure the ultimate result.


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