Turn Your WordPress Post Into A LiveBlog Post To Cover Event [How-To]

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Many times bloggers are intended to cover live events, conferences, speech but technical challenges pertaining to WordPress CMS engine force jeopardize the situation and force them to turn towards other alternatives. While covering any live event on your blog situation demands many activities – like image upload, video upload, tagging, content decoration etc – to occur almost parallel and in no time.And, as the blogger community is strengthening enough with steady pace, companies are looking more live bloggers who can broadcast the event effectively.

To make the situation easier WordPress has just released an pluggin that transform any of your post into a ‘Liveblog’. Authors can just drag and drop any of the image besides updating the content form the site itself rather than login into Admin and reaching out editor. Infact, whatever you type using the plugin it will update on the site for general users instantly and automatically and you will not have to follow the traditional process of pushing ‘Publish button’ every now and then and wait for browser refresh.

Developed by Automatic – company behind WordPress CMS platform – the LiveBlog plugin is very useful for journos who extensively cover live events. The plugin also inherit the functionality to transform any one post or the complete blog into the LiveBlog. This flexibility ads much more value for already existing WordPress sites and users who can easily take advantage of LiveBloging feature by integrating any of their running and extensively accessed blog.

Though, it just less than 24 hours plugin for launched, it has already been downloaded by close to 300 WordPress users worldwide. The plugin only supports the blogs running on 3.5 or higher version and is available for free to all WordPress blogs. If you really want to test the water, you can downloaded LiveBlog plugin from here.


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