Are You Really Waiting For Amazon New Kindle: Coming This Week

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Yesterday, I explained about why Samsung and Apple are so precautious to disclose the launch of their flagship products. However, there are lots of evidences which are revealing that they are going to launch their products. What should we expect from Samsung’s Galaxy Note Event which is going to take place tomorrow? I think, these are the strategies of the company to know users’ tempt towards the specific products.

Is It Amazon’s Strategy To Draw Users’ Attention? 

Likewise, the similar evidence occurred on Friday when people opened Amazon’s ‘deal of the day’ email, where they found deals related with Kindle DX. However, the device was introduced by the retail giant in 2009, since then, the device has not been got any promotional support. Although, you might think that it’s one of the meaningless deal, but this time it’s important. Undoubtedly, we can’t compare the device with the Apple’s ‘iPad Mini’ but it’s important for those who want to read eBook on their device. If we consider about the deal, then the device (Kindle DX) should be launched this week.


On Friday last week, Amazon listed 16 deals related to Kindle brands. Most notable thing of the deal was that the company listed its 9.7-inch Kindle DX at $110 off its regular price, a 29% discount. It seems from the company’s behavior that it’s going to launch new product this week. In addition to the support, we can take an examples of launch of Kindle 2 as sold out one day, while Kindle 3 launched later the same day.

As per Gizmodo, Amazon has started listing the Kindle Touch 3G as unavailable, besides, just a week before, the retail giant offered 40%-off sale on ‘Kindle’ and ‘Kindle accessories’ for its Amazon visa card holders. However, users will have to wait for 8-9 days for shipping. Indeed, Amazon is considered as pioneer especially in the e-reader segment. The new Kindle DX is expected to be launched in 10-inch LCD models. Accessories (supporting 10-inch Kindle DX) are also expected to be compatible with updated 7-inch Kindle Fire.

Why Amazon Is Launching 10-inch Kindle? 

I have already explained about how proliferation of Tablet has been swallowed to the business of E-Ink. Now, users are more willing to read eBooks on color screen of iPad and Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Just a few months before, Amazon declared to launch color Kindle for e- Readers in second half of this year. And I think, this is that Kindle on which Amazon has been working since declaration. It’s flawless to read eBooks on 10-inch iPad’s color screen, that’s why; Amazon has planned to launch 10-inch Kindle in order to provide better reading experiences to eBook readers.


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